Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guesses and Predictions

Mackenzie was born with light blue eyes and reddish brown hair.  Her hair eventually turned blonde and her eyes were so light that I knew they would stay blue.  The blue eyes were a surprise because we believed that Brandon's brown eyes would dominate my blue eyes.  As it turns out there are a lot of chances for blue eyes to be passed down - me, my mom, Brandon's mom, my grandfather and I want to say Brandon's grandfather (not sure about that one).  Plus, my hair was blonde until I was about 2 or 3, so that passed on too.  Mackenzie's skin coloring matches me, in that we are fair skinned and burn easily in the sun.

Meredith was born with brown hair and the typical dark blue eyes that eventually change.  They are now brown, but not as dark brown as Brandon's.  Meredith's skin coloring matches Brandon and is more olive and tans VERY easily!

Since Miranda arrives in less than 24 hours lets make some predictions!

blonde hair or brown hair?
blue eyes or brown eyes?
fair skin or olive skin?

I'm thinking she'll be another Meredith, but who knows?! Any other predictions???

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