Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fourth of July

There's nothing like posting about our Fourth of July activities a month after it's passed!  Oh well, I want to document it, so Happy 4th everyone! ;)

The morning of the 4th, we all went swimming at the neighborhood pool.  When we got back we finally painted the different crafts I had wanted to do earlier in the week, but hadn't gotten to.  First up was using star cookie cutters to paint red and blue stars.  Both girls liked this activity.

Mackenzie used a pipe cleaner star I made to paint fireworks.  She wasn't too impressed with this, but I thought it was fun. :)
 And lastly, we finger painted and made a handprint flag (Mackenzie only).

The finished work by both girls, plus I think there are two other sheets on the other side of the stove top.
Meredith's finished work on her high chair!  Luckily all of it is washable paint and cleaned up very easily.

And because it doesn't really matter when we do the 4th of July unit, we even did some of the preschool pack from _____ the next week (it could even been that Saturday - I don't remember).  While Mackenzie was using star stickers to do a roll and graph,

I gave Meredith star stickers to put on a sheet of paper.
Eventually, she tired of the paper and started putting the stickers on her hand and arm.
The preschool pack from 3 Dinosaurs that we were using also included this math sheet that corresponded to the roll and graph sheet.  Mackenzie enjoyed answering questions about how many rolls each object had received while rolling the dice.
I filled in the numbers for most of the math problems on the bottom half, but we added the numbers together.  The last two she requested to fill in on her own, so she did.
The only other sheets we did were an ABC and number fill in the blank sheet out of the same pack.

I had great intentions of completing the majority of this preschool pack the week of Fourth of July, but time got away from me and we just didn't do it.  Oh well, at least we did some of it! ;)  Maybe next year!

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