Sunday, August 11, 2013


On Tuesday we went to the butterfly center at the Museum of Natural Science.  I had been avoiding taking the girls there because I was worried the "rainforest" type atmosphere would be too much for this pregnant momma.  However, when our playgroup arranged a visit to the butterfly center, I decided it wouldn't be too bad...and it wasn't.  It was actually much worse outside than it was in the center with all of the butterflies.

Mackenzie was pretty excited to see the butterflies and really wanted one to land on her hand.  I told her she could stand really still with her arm out and maybe a butterfly would come to her, but she never had enough patience.  Plus, when one almost landed on her foot, she practically kicked away because it surprised her!  She also batted a couple away that flew in her face, but then again, who wants things to fly in their face, even if it is a butterfly?! ;)

It was very lush and beautiful inside...
and we saw lots of beautiful butterflies.  Mackenzie and Meredith both really enjoyed looking at the placemat looking thing to see what types of butterflies we saw.

This poor butterfly was one of the first ones we saw and it's wings were torn, but it still seemed ok.  I'm assuming this is one of the reasons they tell you not to chase the butterflies.
I tried to take a picture of the picture guide thing, but they didn't turn out very well, so I don't know the names of any of these butterflies, so below is just a bunch of pictures of the butterflies we saw.  I love all of the different patterns and had never really known there were that many different butterflies.

 The girls looking at different butterflies around the center...
This was some sort of moth  that was very unusual looking...

For those of you on facebook, these are the fish that Mackenzie said were her favorite thing of the exhibit when I asked her at lunch.  Hundreds of butterflies and one fish tank, but that was her favorite! Silly girl! ;)  When I laughed at her answer she did add "butterflies" to her list of favorites, but it was too late for's gone down in my history of her favorite sayings.

We went back to this beehive several times.  Both girls were fascinated with it, especially since the bees were behind glass and couldn't get out! ;)

This particular butterfly was laying eggs (the little yellow dots) on this plant.  There are going to be A LOT of caterpillars on this plant eventually! The museum volunteer said that every butterfly lays their eggs on particular plants that are for their specific species. 
Once back inside the museum part, the girls wanted their picture taken among the "butterflies" flying on the wall.
I'm glad I went because it was pretty fun and not expensive at all.  I think we'll definitely go back next spring or summer before Mackenzie starts Kindergarten.

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