Tuesday, August 13, 2013

32 weeks...

So, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and will deliver baby Miranda in less than 7 weeks!  As soon as I get past the girls' birthday party in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to actually nest/concentrate on Miranda's room, not to mention all of the baby supplies we still need to buy.  We've received a lot of "new to us" stuff from other people, but there are still some items we HAVE to buy...you know like bottles and diapers and pacifiers! ;)

Everything is going well with this pregnancy.  The only complaint I have is my hip issues that always come up in the second half of my pregnancies.  Thankfully, I've always had great pregnancies and this one has even been a little better than the first two as I've gained less weight this far in and I haven't had to be put on iron pills, as of yet.  I've had a decent amount of energy, I think, especially since I'm home with a 4 year old and 1 year old all day!  There are days when I over do it - cleaning or running errands, but then again, I did that when I wasn't pregnant too!  I just have to adjust my daily tasks and realize that things take a little longer to do when I'm this far along in my pregnancy.

I finally broke down and cut my hair the other day.  I couldn't take the length any longer and I didn't want my hospital pictures with Miranda to look even worse than they will because of my long, frizzy hair.  As I sat there getting my hair cut, I realized it hadn't been cut since May of 2012, so it was definitely needed! It's not pony tail length which means I'll actually have to fix it every day and that will make me feel much better every day, not to mention cooler when we are outside.  By the time Miranda arrives, I should be able to pull it back occasionally if I want to, especially in those first few weeks when I won't want to fix my hair.

Anyways, as far as my updated belly shop, here it is:

I missed taking my 28 week photo and I was going to take a 30 week photo, but then that didn't happen either.  I decided to create a progression from 12 weeks to 32 weeks.  It's weird to think I'll only be adding 2 more photos to this time line (36 weeks and day of delivery).

The only comparison photo I have is with my pregnancy photo with Mackenzie.

As I said before...less than 7 weeks! I can't wait!

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