Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swimming at Moshi & Gapa's

Saturday we went swimming at my parents' house (aka: Moshi and Gapa's).  We got there a little early and went straight to the pool.  The girls were very excited about swimming with Brandon.  I guess they get tired of me! :/  We got out of the pool for lunch about the time my step sister showed up with her kids.  We had an indoor picnic lunch...
And then got back in the pool for some more fun!
As you can see, I forgot Meredith's swimsuit at the house, so she swam in just her swim diaper.  We coated her in sunscreen, but since she tans soooo easily, I wasn't too concerned.
Both girls LOVE to swim and Mackenzie especially loved swimming without the inner tube.
This is Mackenzie telling me EXACTLY where to stand and EXACTLY what to do so that she could swim to me.
My nephew took a while to warm up to the water, but once the big pool float came out and a ride was created, he had a blast!
Mackenzie swimming to me...
Meredith enjoying the pool float...
The girls are used to our neighborhood pool with a zero entry area where they have a larger play area, but they both did great in this pool too.  Here's to 6 more weeks of swimming this summer!

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