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Preschool K3 - Unit 18

We are continuing on through the New Testament according to the Bible & Rhyme Curriculum from Hubbard's Cupboard.  I think when I do this curriculum with Meredith (and eventually Miranda) I'm going to add a couple of lessons like Jesus in the Temple and Jesus is baptized between his birth and this lesson of the wise and foolish builders.  I think both lessons are important, especially the baptism and should be included.  If I had thought about it a little earlier, I would have added them to Mackenzie's lessons.  I'm not going backward, so I'll just plan for the next two little ones!

Unit 18 Synopsis:
Bible - Wise and Foolish Builders
Letter - C
Science - Construction
Theme - 3 Little Pigs
Sight Words: come, big, said, in

And now for the details:

We read the story about the wise and foolish builders, but unfortunately did not do any crafts related to the story.  There are some cute ideas on pinterest, but I just didn't follow through with any of them, so we talked about the story and sang the song.

I decided construction would be a great theme/science activity for the story of the Wise and Foolish builders, so studying the letter C, seemed appropriate too.

Of course we continued using the Animal ABC's printables from 1+1+1=1.  C was for caterpillar...
She wanted to color the caterpillar to match the toy we had.

Mackenzie really went all out in the caterpillar cut and paste.  First she colored the background and told me it was "hot (yellow) and very hot (orange) sand".  Then she drew "food" for each of the caterpillars.  Once all of that was complete, she glued the caterpillars to their "sand".  She talked the entire time and told different stories about each caterpillar.  She's so funny and LOVES to pretend!

Another activity from 1+1+1=1 is the ABC Find It! printables.  I only have a picture of her matching the C's, but we also did the matching activity that involves listening to me describe a particular picture.
She also practiced handwriting.  Can you tell by her face that this was the last activity we did that morning?  Her attitude was horrible and I don't want her to not like school, so we stopped.
Construction was our "science" for this unit.  I guess it's not really science in the academic world, however Brandon's degree is technically in "Construction Science", so I'm keeping this under science! ;)  Again, I probably could have done several more activities that I found on Pinterest, but instead I just used things we mostly already had.  We went over different tools (I can't seem to find the file on my computer to see where I got it :/ )...
And built things with our magneatos...

Yes, that is leftover lunch on the floor.  That's how we do things sometimes.  Who needs a table? ;)

We had this dry erase construction activity book that she worked through.  It had mazes, connect the dots and matching activities.
And of course, we couldn't talk about construction without at least touching a little bit on Architecture! ;)  I pulled out some of my old school books and we looked through them.

After we looked through the books, I thought it might be fun for her and I to draw a house.  It was very hard for me to draw a box and stuff every thing into it, as she wanted.  I tried to explain to her that we should start room by room and connect them how we wanted, but she insisted on me drawing a box first.  I conceded to the 4 year old and drew the box! ;)

I tried really hard to let her tell me where things needed to go.  There were a few things I reminded her about, but she told me where most things needed to go or when she didn't want something I suggested.  We didn't finish the house because she got tired of designing it.  That's ok, we did do quite a bit and I had some fun too! ;)

Our theme was the Three little Pigs.  I thought this was a perfect blend of our bible and science themes.  We received this book from our neighbor not too long ago, so we read it's story first.
Then we used 3Dinosaurs' preschool pack for the 3 little pigs.
Mackenzie insisted on cutting out the wolves herself, so I was glad she was still able to put them in size order despite the large amounts of white paper around them.
She like the puzzles as usual.  She now plays this game where she find the next piece, cover the number and has me "guess the number".  Since she's already chosen the correct number, I almost always go along with it and say the correct number.  Sometimes I say the wrong number to see if she'll correct me.  Yep, she doesn't miss the chance to correct me! ;)
And of course, some miscellaneous what's different, tracing and patterning.
The last activity we did was make our own story book using the memory card prints from the printable pack.   Mackenzie glued the pictures in order and I wrote the story.  She seemed to really like that activity, so maybe we'll have to do more of these type of things.

Sight words:
We moved on to You Can Read Unit 6 and learned the words "come", "big", "said" and "in".
Besides the typical activities shown above, she had fun using magnet letters to make the words...

and writing the words all on her own.

We did a few miscellaneous activities that included playing our alphabet sounds game.  This time, Meredith joined in too!  Mackenzie let her pick the object out of the box and then told her where to put it on the board.  They played very well together and I think I was cooking or cleaning while they were doing this.
We also painted a little...
she used different sized brushes, her fingers and a sponge for this one.  I love that her finger painting was a few lines because she didn't want to get her hands dirty.  She is so very much my daughter! ;)

What Meredith was doing!
A lot of time we do school while Meredith is napping, but there are sometimes when she is around and she is able to join in on some of the activities.  She built her own objects with the magneatos.
Including a "phone" that she played with for days!

And since she loves to paint, she joined us here too!
Meredith on the other hand could care less if she gets messy!

That's unit 18!  The next unit is coming soon!

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