Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Goings on...

It's already been a week since I last blogged...oops!  I was trying to better this month, but I guess I might not do too much better than 10 posts in a month.  It's a drastic change from last year when I was doing 17-20 posts per month.  Maybe we were doing less last summer and I had more time...or maybe we were doing more and I had more to talk about!

Whatever the case, I'm blogging today.  The girls and I stay fairly busy most of the time.  Even on our "stay at home" days I still organize or clean up around the house.  Yesterday was our "pajama day" and I decided to clean out our "homeschool" bins that we have in our playroom.  One of the large bins had slowly become a catch all for tracing sheets, workbooks, flash cards, laminated activities and manipulatives.  I finally organized everything and moved some stuff elsewhere so that we are ready for the end of August.

Along the same lines, I have 4 weeks to make sure I have "school" planned for both girls for the month of September.  We will then take a break once Miranda arrives and hopefully I'll have some kind of time to plan the remainder of the fall semester.  Mackenzie will be going to preschool 2 days a week this year, but I'm still planning to do supplemental activities with her.  Since she liked the Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum we did when she was 3, I've downloaded the Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten packs for her this year.  We'll be reviewing the same memory verses, but adding other skills she may or may not know.  So, I have items to print, activities to plan, and a "bulletin board" and an artwork display to create.  I'm actually pretty excited, but that's just crazy me! ;)

Last week (Sunday through Tuesday) we went to another church's VBS.  Brandon and I had attended there years ago, but we still have good friends that are members at the church and they invited us to join them.  The girls had a blast and did great going to their own classes.  The first night I stayed in Meredith's class, but the second and third night she went on her own and they said she was great.  After singing and class/craft time, everyone came back to the auditorium for the play/musical.  They were great and so creative with their song choices.  The girls loved them and each night while we waited for the play to start, Meredith would look at the stage and say, "no work?, no work?", basically asking when it was going to start.

Last week we also took our first trip of the summer to our "Noah's Ark Pool/Splash park."  Mackenzie had a lot of fun going down the slides, but Meredith only enjoyed it a little bit.  She liked playing in the water, but didn't like the small slide.  I'm thinking next summer will be a little different for her.

And lastly, I've been working on the girls' birthday party.  The invitations go out today, party favors are almost complete (posts after the party), candy buttons in the making, and games are being made.

Next week, I'll probably make the cakes and freeze them so that they'll be ready to ice the day before the party.  Before that I need to attempt a new recipe for the cake pops.  How they turn out will determine how many layers I will need for the girls' cakes.  I also still have banners and display boards to make, along with a trip to the party supply store for tableware.  These next 4 weeks are going to FLY by!!!

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