Saturday, July 6, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Our "medicine cabinet" in the kitchen has been bothering me for some time.  I had tried organizing it a several months ago and put some medicines in containers, but it was still unorganized and every time I reached in to grab the thermometer, a bandaid, medicine dropper or just regular medicine, something else fell out of the cabinet too.
I had seen a blog post by someone who used little plastic drawers to organize all of the medicines.  I had some little drawers, but they were being used to hold our crafting supplies.  Wednesday, I decided that the crafting supplies could be transferred to these containers my mother-in-law gave to me not too long ago.
I was able to take every thing out of it's packaging and fill up almost 2 of these boxes.  They save so much more room in the closet, and are much more portable than the drawers.
Once my little plastic drawers were empty I could fill them with different medicine and first aid products.

I only had 2 sets of these drawers which is all that really fits in our cabinet, so I put all of the other medicine (in related products) in small tupperware containers.  Kids medicine...
And here's the final product!
I would still like to add labels to the drawers, but since they are clear, I am able to see what almost everything is, for now.  I like that I can pull a drawer or tupperware container out of the cabinet and look in that to find what I need.  All of our unopened doubles and medicine droppers are in the back of off to the side.  They aren't regularly used, so I figure they don't have to be seen at all times.

And of course, here are the before and after photos.  Overall medicine cabinet:
Close up of the lower shelves we use on a somewhat regular basis.

I'm so glad I took the 30 minutes to do this organizing project!

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