Monday, July 15, 2013

Lalaloopsy Invites

Mackenzie will be 5 years old in September, which means she will have her fifth birthday party coming up.  My mom has made all of her invitations, except this year!  At 33, I finally made my own invitation.  Actually, I think I sent out an e-vite for the 3rd birthday, but my mom has done all of the others. Most of the time if I make cards (even at Christmas), my mom has designed and cut all of the cards and I just assemble, but not this time.  I did everything - designed, printed, cut and assembled! Aren't you proud of me?! ;)

I even had all of the supplies and didn't have to order anything from my mom!  In order to accomplish this, I made all of the invitations a little different.  I bought some lalaloopsy images from an etsy shop and created the invite sheet in photoshop and then printed it on photo paper I've had for a while.  I made the background colors a little different to add even more variety.

Then I used all of striped paper I had to make the folded covers.  Polka dotted paper from the same Stampin' up paper pack for the wrappers and cut out flowers in coordinating cardstock.  I cut most of it out in one day and sorted it into the color combinations I wanted. 

Since I was on a roll, I was going to start assembling them that night, but then realized I was out of my glue tape.  So 10 days later I finally got my tape from Amazon and was able to assemble the invitations this past Saturday.

I only have pictures of these remaining 5 because I actually put the rest in envelopes and addressed them, so that they are ready to send out in a couple of weeks.  I did keep 2 invitations (one for each girl) as keepsakes.  One day I'll scrapbook! ;)

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