Monday, July 1, 2013

June Photo Love

Below are my favorite photos from the month of June!

Please notice the empty spot of cookie dough.  While I was washing dishes, she climbed up on the chair and ate a cookie dough ball! 

Ready for church - minus shoes.  It was quite the ordeal to get Meredith to take off the slippers!
Messy hair, but true smile!
Matchy, matchy!
She looks so grown up in this picture!
I love this smile and I'm pretty sure it's caused by her eating an animal cracker while I take pictures! ;)
She rarely naps, but apparently on this day she really needed it! 
This is one tire girl to sleep on the hard floor!
Big sister love!
Meredith finally mastered the art of dress up - add anything and everything and you have the perfect outfit! ;)
Now onto July!!!

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