Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Photo Favorites

How is our summer almost over???  I can't believe it's already the end of July.  I think the girls and I are going to do a lot in this last month of summer because not only is it one of the last months without Miranda, but it's also our last month before pre-school starts and we have less free time.

Anyways, before we move onto August, here are my favorite photos from the month of July.  Most have been posted on this blog or my 365 picture blog, but that's because they are my favorites! ;)

Meredith loves to dress up now.  I put this dress on her and she said, "I princess." (or however she actually said princess - picess, or something like that.)

I LOVE that Mackenzie was "teaching" Meredith with these flashcards.  Mackenzie would say the color and Meredith would repeat.  So cute!

Posing for "after haircut" picture...

NOT posing for her "after haircut" picture! ;)

Just relaxing during "school".  Basically she would do anything to get our attention since I didn't give her anything to do at the table.

Fun at the firestation!


Meredith's mad face that makes you laugh!

Now, bring on August!

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