Thursday, July 11, 2013


Meredith had her first haircut the other day and did great!  She did much better than her sister did for her first haircut! ;)  I had cut the "tail" off several months ago, but when Mackenzie asked for a haircut, we decided Meredith could use one too!  She sat still and didn't cry at all.  She just watched the movie and held onto her lollipop.  She even didn't mind the little blow dry she had.  Meredith is a completely different toddler than Mackenzie ever was with things like this.  Who knows what Miranda will be like! ;)  Meredith cooperated for the before photos, but did not want to do hardly anything for the after photo, so I'm using the same one for both the front and back comparisons.

The bow didn't really go with her outfit.  It was a little too frilly for me, personally, but she really wanted to keep it in her hair, so we did.

Mackenzie hasn't had too many haircuts in her 4 years (probably about 4), but she did great, too.  Mackenzie wanted it to be shorter, but I wanted it to be long enough for a pony tail.  the lady was great and even braided and put flowers in her hair when she was finished.

I wish she'd let me fix her hair more often.  I would love to braid it and have it pulled back more.  Now it's time for me to get a hair cut!  Although I might wait until just before Miranda's born.  I've made it this far into the summer with long hair, surely I can make it another 6 weeks! ;)

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