Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fire Station Tour

A new Fire Station was just built near our neighborhood and I've been wanting to take the girls for a visit, so I set up a group tour for our church playgroup.  We had about 10 kids and the fire fighters were great with the tour and let the kids do a lot of different things.

I wasn't sure how the tour was going to go for the girls when this was Mackenzie's first reaction to the fire truck being driven out of the garage.  It wasn't that loud (it was on the other side of the truck in the picture), but I guess she has sensitive ears.
Meredith didn't want to pose for any photos in front of the fire truck, but at least Mackenzie posed for me!

As I said before, the fire fighters were awesome and set up a small hose for all of the kids to spray water into a ditch.  I was surprised when Mackenzie wanted to be the second person to do it!

Even Meredith had a turn and liked it pretty well, until it sprayed her a little with a little breeze. ;)

Another shocker was Mackenzie constantly asking when she could get on the fire truck.  6 months ago, she didn't want to go near a fire truck when they had one at a neighborhood function, but now she was super excited.  They picked her up and let her push a button to raise up the lights.

Meredith also enjoyed looking up there, but I don't think she actually touched anything.

Mackenzie loved sitting inside the fire truck and actually got in there twice!

Meredith on the other hand, not so much.  She wimpered the minute they put her up there and instantly wanted down.  To be fair, it was lunch time and very hot outside.  She was very close to melt-down phase, but we survived. ;)

Afterwards, we went inside and one of the fire fighters put all his gear on and asked for the kids to come give him a hug or a high five.  Most of them did it, but not my girls.  I was ok with Mackenzie not doing it because she had already stepped out of her comfort zone several times that morning, including a trip to the dentist.  Overall, it was a fun "field trip" and the girls enjoyed going.  I can mark that off my summer bucket list.  Now to plan a trip to Blue Bell Creamery! ;)

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