Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Rotation

I feel like I might have blogged about this before, but I don't remember exactly and I couldn't find the post, so here we go (possible, again!). ;)  When I redid the playroom 18 months ago, I decided to create a book rotation with all of the girls' books.  We have a TON of books and deciding on a book before bed was taking way tooo long, so I put about half of them up in boxes on top of the built-ins.

All of our Christmas books are stored in one box, which was great when it came time for "Tiny" to wrap all of them this past Christmas. 
I might need to get another box soon because I know we'll get more Christmas books this fall and winter.  We love them and all books, so that's ok! ;)  All of our other holiday books are in another box, so that I can quickly find them and pull them out as each holiday or season comes around.
The other two boxes (only one picture) contain half of our books.

This does not include board books as they are all on the bookshelf in Meredith's room.

About every 6 months I switch the books that are on the shelf with the two boxes of regular books.  I usually keep books that we've recently received still on the shelf.  For instance, most of the 20+ books we received at Christmas stayed on the shelf this time, but they'll go back in the box for 6 months in December.  A couple of weeks ago when we were stuck indoors because of A/C work in the house, I decided it was a good time to rotate.  The girls had fun looking at all of the books and I think we read about 20 books total that morning.

This is our main shelf of books:
And we keep our taller books on either side of the built-ins where there is more height.
Pop ups and other specialty books are kept higher and out of reach.  These require me to be present when reading them.

So, that's our book rotation.  I would love to rotate them more often, but at 6 months, the girls are usually pretty excited to see books they haven't seen in a while.  I love it because it helps to vary the bedtime story routine with "new" books.  I had thought about getting rid of about half of the board books once Meredith turned 2, but now that Miranda is coming, plans have changed.  We are on our way to quite the library of books and I couldn't be more excited!  I can't wait until we get more into chapter books and start "collecting" those! ;)

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  1. You are soooo organized!!! Love it! I might have to do this!


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