Friday, June 7, 2013

Visiting Granny & Papa

Our summer is in full swing and we've been having fun all week!  Wednesday we went to Granny & Papa's for the day and the girls had lots of fun, as usual.  We got there about mid morning and spent about 45 minutes insides showing off toys and visiting.  After lunch at one of our favorite spots, Whataburger, we came back and played outside for all of 15 minutes!  It was just way too hot and surprisingly there was absolutely NO BREEZE!

We have a decent space to run around in our backyard, but there's something about a huge open space that makes kids want to run around. ;)

Mackenzie wanted to "race" me to one of the trees.  I said sure, but I'm walking. ;) 

In the end, she was content to run around with Meredith for a little bit.

It's been a while since we had visited and it's been warm enough to play outside, so Meredith really enjoyed running around.  I think the last picture I have of her outside, walking in grass was still a bit hard for her and made her too wobbly.

This is an example of what Meredith does when she hears something and wants to know what it is.  She heard that lawnmower in the background and put her finger up to her cheek (not her ear) and asked "that?"
She really liked this stone duck and insisted on petting it! ;)
Once we were back inside, the girls "played with" Penny, my grandparents dog.
Since we have absolutely no pets at our house and the girls are not exposed to animals on a regular basis, they are a bit afraid of animals, no matter the size.  Papa put penny outside and the girls had so much fun "playing" with her through the door.

There was so much squealing and laughing it was quite funny.  I took several videos of the girls because they were just too cute.  When I mentioned that I had video of them squealing, Mackenzie asked, "who was squealing?"  I laughed and told her she was, but she didn't believe me until she saw the video! HA!

Well, that was Wednesday!  We had fun yesterday (future blog post) and are going swimming today and tomorrow with friends and family.  I'll be sure to take pictures of that fun too!  We love summer! ;)

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