Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tot School - Pipe Cleaners Video

The other day, Meredith sat at the playroom table and said, "cool, cool".  She apparently was ready to do school!  I was pretty excited and got out the A is for Apple unit that I hadn't planned on starting until September.  I'll do a separate post about the A unit later (when we finish the unit), but we did do a few sheets and then when Mackenzie went to the kitchen table to do water colors, Meredith ran to the high chair and said, "paint, paint."  I wasn't really interested in messing with Meredith and paints, so I pulled out another activity for her - pipe cleaners and the parmesan can.  She's played with this before, but it had been a while.

There are moments when I think Mackenzie and Meredith are exact opposites, but then I watch that video or something similar and they are so much alike!  Meredith is just as particular as Mackenzie, like when she was frustrated that the other pipe cleaners were in her way.

Anyways, she really liked them and once I opened up the big opening for her to remove them herself, she played with this for a total of 30 minutes!  We later switched to rocks and cups and that was a hit as well.  I'm so glad Meredith loves doing these activities as much as Mackenzie.  Meredith and I will have about 3 weeks of one on one school time before Miranda arrives when Mackenzie goes to preschool in the fall.  I think she'll really enjoy that when I'm not just trying to give her busy things to do while teaching Mackenzie.

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