Monday, June 10, 2013


We went swimming at my parents' pool on Saturday and the girls loved every minute of it.  Mackenzie's been taking swim lessons twice a week since March and Meredith once a week.  For the summer we've changed to everyone only taking a lesson once a week.  It's a little expensive (especially when it was twice a week), but it's been totally worth it!  I could see Mackenzie's improvement in the pool when I watched her every week, but for Meredith it was hard to gauge her progress because she cried most of the time.  Now that we've been swimming together in the neighborhood pool, I can finally see that both girls are doing fantastic!

At the neighborhood pool, the girls are able to jump around and play in the water because it's a zero entry pool.  Occasionally we'll go to the deeper end for them to practice swimming or jumping in, but most of the time is spent playing in the area where they can stand up without holding onto me or Brandon.  Saturday was the first time I had taken both girls swimming in a pool where they could only stand up at the stairs.  Thankfully, my parents were there and helped A LOT (including taking video)!

The girls loved taking turns swimming between me and my mom.  Meredith even learned to stay on the step until we told her to jump/swim.  They both loved going back and forth to us and we did this triangle activity for a long time!  At the end of the video Meredith shows her skills in diving to get the rings.
I knew she loved to get the rings at the end of swim lessons, but until we went swimming on Friday and Saturday, I didn't realize how much.  She will do this over and over if I let her.

I also had no idea she like "flying"!
After every throw, she would turn back around to my dad and say, "gapa, fly".  She wanted to do this over and over, also!  Shortly after these videos, the storm came through and we had to get out of the pool, but we had a good time.  Meredith's eyes were bloodshot from opening them so much under water, but it didn't seem to phase her!  We are taking a little break from swimming these next few days, but we'll be back at it Thursday or Friday.

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