Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project: Glass jars with vinyl wording

A couple of Saturdays ago, I finally got around to completing a project I had on my wish list since at least February!  I had all the supplies just sitting in the house and had never taken the time to sit down and complete the project.  In the end it took all of one hour, which just makes it worse that I hadn't finished it sooner! ;)

I was given a Cricut last year from my grandmother and have used it a handfull of times.  I love what it can do, but I haven't done too many crafting projects lately, so I haven't used it in a while.  I downloaded the computer program from Cricut so that I could arrange my wording (or any future images) however I want and/or use different cartridges at the same time.

I loved using the computer for this.  It was so nice to rotate letters, easily adjust the font size and see what it would actually look like on the paper.  Mackenzie and I did a test run on just regular cardstock first.
I used the negative to see if the size was about how I wanted it to look on my glass jars. (It was a bit hard to hold it and take the picture! ) ;)
Once I adjusted everything, I cut a piece of stick on vinyl and hit "cut".
I actually had to cut it twice because the pressure recommendation from the computer was not strong enough to cut through the vinyl, so I had to scrap the first piece.  Once it was cut, I pulled off the excess and left the letters on the mat.
Using the transfer paper from cricut was sooooo easy!  I thought it would be a little difficult, but I was completely wrong.  They just lifted right off the cutting mat and I was able to apply them easily to the glass jar.
My first two jars!
Here's my final finished product!  I love them!  Brandon's not too thrilled that they are sealable jars, but maybe I can find some sort of rubber gasket and work on that one day!
Now to go find other projects that need adhesive vinyl! ;)

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