Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meredith is 22 months!

She's getting older!

I'm sure I'll say this every month, but her vocabulary is improving and getting bigger all the time.  A couple of mornings ago she was in our bed and Brandon asked her why she was doing something and she responded with, "jus cuz"!  So funny.  She learned the phrase from me and Mackenzie because when Meredith asks "why?" over and over, we finally say, "just because."

She's learning to count and gets extra counting practice when I count to 3 before she gets a spanking.  Which is happening more and more as she approaches age 2!  With this activity (spankings) she's also learning to say, "yes ma'am" after we have our little talk. ;)

At 22 months, Meredith...
-talks all the time and can be quite bossy!
-loves the water - swimming pool or bath tub, she loves to splash and have fun!
-has 16 teeth - the two bottom eye teeth are finally poking through!
-wears 24 month to 2T clothing and size 7 shoe.
-says "ah slow" when we ask for a high five.  She's trying to copy Mackenzie's "too slow" high five thing, but doesn't really understand how it works.
-loves to sing along and asks for music the minute we get in the car even if the car isn't turned on yet.  She often tells me to "op" or stop singing.  My response is always, "I'll sing if I want to."
-is learning to play with Mackenzie more and more and they actually played with little dolls the other day and talked a little back and forth in "doll conversation".
- loves bible class and sleeps in church
- started drawing "lines" and "circos" (circles).  They aren't actual circles, but they are different from her lines.
- loves to run around naked.
- likes to paint or do school with her big sister.
- can jump and get both feet off the ground.  She's been working on this for months, so this is exciting for her!

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