Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Library Hour

So, we've been to a library hour/story time once a week for the last 3 weeks.  We've gone to two that were for Meredith's age group (18 months-3 years) and one for Mackenzie's age (3-6 years).  We've also attended them at two different libraries.  You may or may not recall, but the last time we attended a story time was when Meredith was a few months old and we didn't really care for it

I decided to try again because I thought Meredith might like to do something like this during the summer and perhaps this fall/spring when Mackenzie's in preschool. 

Meredith really likes the singing and dancing - no surprise there - and can tollerate the first two books, but about the third book, she's had enough.  The first one we went to was for her age and we didn't stay for the craft because it was clear that it was lunch time for her and she wanted to do nothing related to story time.  Up until then, she had been having a good time and tried to dance along to the new songs she was hearing.

On the second library hour, we ate lunch first so that we wouldn't have to worry too much about attitudes. ;)   Mackenzie said it was her turn to sit in my lap because it was "her" library group.  She participated in most of the songs and dances, but not all of them.  Meredith was ok for about the first half and then I had to pull out my phone, turn down the volume and play the videos of her and Mackenzie swimming in my parents' pool.  We did stay for crafts for that one and both girls liked it pretty well.

The most recent one was yesterday at another library we hadn't been too in a couple of years.  They're set up is a little different and they are very lax in the talking and walking around so it was kind of crazy.  Plus it was the 18-36 month group, so lots of little kids.  Meredith did stand with the other kids about 10 feet away from me and danced for the first couple of songs, but then came back to my lap after that.  I couldn't tell you what books the guy read for all the noise in the room. :/  They pulled out a coloring sheet after about 20 minutes and I asked Mackenzie if she wanted to color or go to lunch.  She chose lunch, so we left a little early.

We switch every week, so next week is the 3-6 year age range which is a little better noise wise.  Personally, they have all been just a little too loud for my liking, but if the girls like them, I'll stick it out. ;) Maybe eventually I'll like them. ;)

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