Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feeding the ducks + playtime = I'm melting!

Last week we went to a local park and fed the ducks and played at the playground.  We got there just before 9:00am because I wanted to attempt to beat the heat.  Even at 9, I had no such luck!  It was hot and sticky!  But, that's Houston, so oh well.  We bought an extra loaf of bread at the grocery store just for this occasion and the more I thought about it, I realized I had never taken Mackenzie (or Meredith) to feed the ducks, so they were pretty excited.  Mackenzie wasn't as skiddish (sp?) as I thought she would be, but the ducks were pretty hungry, so I completely understood when she would back away from them.  This first group was a little too close for my comfort and wouldn't go in the water for the food, so we moved away from them. 

We walked a little bit around the pond to some ducks that were in the water, but I had to watch Meredith and make sure she didn't fall in the water!
Another section had a few ducks that were taking naps and only one of them was interested in the bread.
Our last section of ducks was the most interesting and fun.  First, the girls just fed one of the last few pieces of bread to the ducks sitting on the picnic table.
Then, they fed some on the ground.
Meredith really liked watching them and feeding them.  I'm glad I captured her smile as she watched Mackenzie.
Then, this little guy tried to swipe the last of our bread!
He ate a couple of pieces off the ground...
But then, wanted to know if we had any left!  Meredith wasn't too excited. ;)
Mackenzie was also not thrilled about it chasing her!  Of course I just stood there and took pictures like any good mother would! ;)
After all the bread was gone, we went to the playground to play for a little bit.

By 10:15, I was melting and our waters were almost gone, so we (I) sat in the shade.  The girls were content to play with rocks and sticks.

Finally, just before 10:30, we finished our waters and Meredith fell and got a tiny scrape on her knee, but that was enough for me to call it a day!  We came home, cooled off and took baths to wash off the sunscreen, sweat and dirt!  Overall it was a fun morning, but I don't see us doing that again this summer unless we go at 7:00am! ;)

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