Saturday, June 29, 2013

Meredith is 22 months!

She's getting older!

I'm sure I'll say this every month, but her vocabulary is improving and getting bigger all the time.  A couple of mornings ago she was in our bed and Brandon asked her why she was doing something and she responded with, "jus cuz"!  So funny.  She learned the phrase from me and Mackenzie because when Meredith asks "why?" over and over, we finally say, "just because."

She's learning to count and gets extra counting practice when I count to 3 before she gets a spanking.  Which is happening more and more as she approaches age 2!  With this activity (spankings) she's also learning to say, "yes ma'am" after we have our little talk. ;)

At 22 months, Meredith...
-talks all the time and can be quite bossy!
-loves the water - swimming pool or bath tub, she loves to splash and have fun!
-has 16 teeth - the two bottom eye teeth are finally poking through!
-wears 24 month to 2T clothing and size 7 shoe.
-says "ah slow" when we ask for a high five.  She's trying to copy Mackenzie's "too slow" high five thing, but doesn't really understand how it works.
-loves to sing along and asks for music the minute we get in the car even if the car isn't turned on yet.  She often tells me to "op" or stop singing.  My response is always, "I'll sing if I want to."
-is learning to play with Mackenzie more and more and they actually played with little dolls the other day and talked a little back and forth in "doll conversation".
- loves bible class and sleeps in church
- started drawing "lines" and "circos" (circles).  They aren't actual circles, but they are different from her lines.
- loves to run around naked.
- likes to paint or do school with her big sister.
- can jump and get both feet off the ground.  She's been working on this for months, so this is exciting for her!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tot School - Pipe Cleaners Video

The other day, Meredith sat at the playroom table and said, "cool, cool".  She apparently was ready to do school!  I was pretty excited and got out the A is for Apple unit that I hadn't planned on starting until September.  I'll do a separate post about the A unit later (when we finish the unit), but we did do a few sheets and then when Mackenzie went to the kitchen table to do water colors, Meredith ran to the high chair and said, "paint, paint."  I wasn't really interested in messing with Meredith and paints, so I pulled out another activity for her - pipe cleaners and the parmesan can.  She's played with this before, but it had been a while.

There are moments when I think Mackenzie and Meredith are exact opposites, but then I watch that video or something similar and they are so much alike!  Meredith is just as particular as Mackenzie, like when she was frustrated that the other pipe cleaners were in her way.

Anyways, she really liked them and once I opened up the big opening for her to remove them herself, she played with this for a total of 30 minutes!  We later switched to rocks and cups and that was a hit as well.  I'm so glad Meredith loves doing these activities as much as Mackenzie.  Meredith and I will have about 3 weeks of one on one school time before Miranda arrives when Mackenzie goes to preschool in the fall.  I think she'll really enjoy that when I'm not just trying to give her busy things to do while teaching Mackenzie.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Library Hour

So, we've been to a library hour/story time once a week for the last 3 weeks.  We've gone to two that were for Meredith's age group (18 months-3 years) and one for Mackenzie's age (3-6 years).  We've also attended them at two different libraries.  You may or may not recall, but the last time we attended a story time was when Meredith was a few months old and we didn't really care for it

I decided to try again because I thought Meredith might like to do something like this during the summer and perhaps this fall/spring when Mackenzie's in preschool. 

Meredith really likes the singing and dancing - no surprise there - and can tollerate the first two books, but about the third book, she's had enough.  The first one we went to was for her age and we didn't stay for the craft because it was clear that it was lunch time for her and she wanted to do nothing related to story time.  Up until then, she had been having a good time and tried to dance along to the new songs she was hearing.

On the second library hour, we ate lunch first so that we wouldn't have to worry too much about attitudes. ;)   Mackenzie said it was her turn to sit in my lap because it was "her" library group.  She participated in most of the songs and dances, but not all of them.  Meredith was ok for about the first half and then I had to pull out my phone, turn down the volume and play the videos of her and Mackenzie swimming in my parents' pool.  We did stay for crafts for that one and both girls liked it pretty well.

The most recent one was yesterday at another library we hadn't been too in a couple of years.  They're set up is a little different and they are very lax in the talking and walking around so it was kind of crazy.  Plus it was the 18-36 month group, so lots of little kids.  Meredith did stand with the other kids about 10 feet away from me and danced for the first couple of songs, but then came back to my lap after that.  I couldn't tell you what books the guy read for all the noise in the room. :/  They pulled out a coloring sheet after about 20 minutes and I asked Mackenzie if she wanted to color or go to lunch.  She chose lunch, so we left a little early.

We switch every week, so next week is the 3-6 year age range which is a little better noise wise.  Personally, they have all been just a little too loud for my liking, but if the girls like them, I'll stick it out. ;) Maybe eventually I'll like them. ;)

Friday, June 21, 2013


It's been a while since I've documented the girls' miscellaneous saying and actions, so here we go!

1) Mackenzie's current favorite phrase is, "I've heard that..."  She uses this ALL the time when she wants to talk about something she's recently learned.  The most recent example was, "I've heard that beetles have sticky feet.  What other bugs have sticky feet?"

2) Mackenzie loves to play "momma and dears".  This is a roll reversal where she is the momma and I am the child.  We go on bullet trains to China, trips to the grocery store and vacations to Great Wolf Lodge, all while sitting in the comfort of our own home.  The other evening I was being given "medicine" because I was sick.  She tells me exactly what to say most of the time and this was no different.  When I took the medicine, I was supposed to say, "ew, that is disgusting!".  I did and her response was "I don't care."  I laughed knowing that is exactly what I told her a few weeks ago when she had to take her antibiotics.  In my defense, I actually said, that I didn't care if it was disgusting because she had to take it to get better and she could have water when she was finished.  Either way her response in our game made me laugh.

3)  After bath time, Meredith always runs into the living room to see Brandon and he always says, "you're naked!"  Now, when I change her in the morning, she says in the same tone Brandon would, "I naked! I naked!"

4)  Mackenzie was never one to peel the crayon wrapper off or color on furniture, but Meredith is completely different.  Her favorite thing to do right now is pull the wrappers off the crayons at the easel and occasionally colors on their small table and chairs in the playroom.  The other day I sent her to her room for coloring on the window sill.  She cried the whole time there, but she walked to her room by herself.  She came back 1 minute later, but at least she listened to me in the beginning.

5)After every picture we take of Meredith, she says, "I see.  I see."  This wouldn't be a problem, if she would actually stay still until after the picture was taken.  Half the time we end up with blurry pictures because she didn't stay still long enough!
6) Meredith loves to dance.  A couple of weeks ago I took a video of her dancing in the kitchen.  She was having so much fun!

7) Both girls LOVE to do the "bootie dance"!  Here is a really cute video of them doing it, but I apologize for the screams of delight at the end.  I can't imagine what 3 screaming girls will be like?! ;)
I'm sure they have said and done plenty of other funny stuff, but that's all I can remember right now!  Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

24 weeks pregnant

I'm currently 24 1/2 weeks pregnant and feeling great.  My hips are just now starting to act up, but that's typical for me.  I've done great with the weight gain compared to my other pregnancies - only 11 pounds so far as compared to 17 and 18 pounds for Mackenzie and Meredith.  I know the weight gain will pick up here in the next few weeks, though because I have been a lot more hungry lately than I have for the last 4 months.  Here's my current belly shot.
I've been feeling a lot of movement inside, but we haven't been able to feel anything on the outside yet.  That should come in the next week or two as Miranda gets a little bigger.  Then I think the girls will get a little more excited about the baby.  Mackenzie is already excited and occasionally will pat my belly and say hi to Miranda.  Meredith will point to my belly when I ask her where the baby is, but I know she doesn't truly understand.

For comparison here is my 20 week photo with Mackenzie and Miranda (I don't have one of Meredith at 20 weeks.)
 And here is my 24 week comparison of Meredith and Miranda.
The dress I wore with Meredith has already been taken to the resale shop and I didn't even wear it this time around.  It was too small last time around and I wasn't even going to attempt it this time.  I did however get the new dress (Miranda's side) on Saturday and love it!

I've noticed that my style of maternity clothes has changed for this pregnancy.  Yes, I'm wearing casual clothes as opposed to dress clothes 98% of the time, but I've found that I don't like the style of clothes I bought (casual or dress) for my previous pregnancies.  I think they make me look really frumpy and bigger than I really am.  So, I have a lot of close fitting clothes this time around and I actually like them better than any loose fitting shirts I have.  This would be the opposite way I would dress if I wasn't pregnant as I wouldn't want to bring attention to the non pregnant belly/rolls of fat, but when I'm pregnant, I don't want to look 40 weeks pregnant when I'm only 24.  Anyways, I guess I'm just trying to say that I like my new maternity clothes! ;)   And since you have to wear them for 6 or 7 months straight, you should like the clothes you buy!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looks great.  Miranda is growing like she should and her heartbeat was right on target.  I'll have a scheduled repeat c-section about a week before my due date (October 6) and she said I could pick the date.  So Miranda will probably be born somewhere around September 26 or 27.  Only about 14 weeks left to go!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Preschool K3 - Unit 17

I guess we are going to be a family that does home preschool year round.  Since we weren't as consistent this spring, I didn't finish nearly all of the lessons I wanted to before summer arrived!  Plus, Mackenzie enjoys having school 2 or 3 times a week and actually asks to do something every week.  With that said, we are still having some sort of school lesson every week, but the following unit (17) was finished back in April.

Unit 17 Synopsis:
Bible - Birth of Jesus
Letter - U (we studied J with the Battle of Jericho)
Science - Stars and Space
Theme - Baby Animals (Baby Jesus)
Sight Words: go, up, down, here

And now for the details:

Jesus is born! We've moved into the New Testament and studied the birth of Jesus.  The craft below is from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I cut out the star and baby Jesus, but she cut out the parts of the manger and glued it all together.
On another day, we made robes for the shepherds (Luke 2:8-29) who visited Jesus after his birth.  This activity could be used for Joseph and his coat of many colors, too, but we used it for the shepherds.
Meredith even helped glue pieces of paper after she woke up from her nap.

Letter U:
Since we covered the letter J when we studied the Battle of Jericho, we studied letter U this time.  For 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's, the letter U stood for umbrella bird.
Gluing umbrella birds...
gluing urchins on the lowercase U...
We also talked about the sound letter u makes and she did this worksheet I found on Preschool Palace.  It's very simple and every picture starts with a U, so all she had to do was draw a line from the U to each picture.
We had both long U and short U sound sheets.  On the short U sound we talked about following directions since she basically just drew all over the sheet.  (The straight lines are mine that I showed her should have been done.) 


Since the Wise Men (Matthew 2:9-12) followed a star to see Jesus, I thought our "science" could be about stars and space.  We received this great pop up book at Christmas and Mackenzie's been wanting to look at again lately.  The first couple of pages were perfect for our lesson.
They loved looking at the pop up globe and all of the planets.
3 Dinosaurs has an awesome preschool pack about space and we used quite a bit of sheets from that pack.  The most loved activity were the dot marker sheets!
We did all of the planets plus the sun and moon!
From the same Space Preschool Pack she counted...

Find the same or different...

She got a little excited about gluing her own pieces on the "What comes Next?" sheet. (Look at the rocket) ;)

We both colored the Earth and took turns making patterns with the outline of Earth.

Homeschool Creations also had an Astronaut pack that we did used for a couple of tracing activities.

And 1+1+1=1 had a Solar System pack that we used to learn a little more about the planets.  Meredith even joined in! ;)
Mackenzie sorted planets vs. not planets...

And we used the planets from the pack to make a necklace.  She was so excited to wear this and it's still hanging on her bedroom door! ;) 
Our last space/star activity was talking about constellations.  She added star stickers to the corners of shapes to create constellations.  She had a little more fun with star/diamond/heart sheet and put lots of stars on those constellations.

Since we were talking about baby Jesus, I thought we could also talk about baby animals.   1+1+1=1 has a cute little pack about baby animals.  First we just talked about what the different baby animals were called.
Then, we traced and matched baby animals to their mommas.

Finally, we played a matching game where we matched babies with their mommas.  There were lots of animal cards, but we only did a few at a time and just filled in the cards with new ones until we had found all of the matches.
Baby and momma owls...

Sight Words:
We finished up You Can Read Unit 5, adding the words "go", "up", "down" and "here" to our sight word list. Tracing the words and the dice game.  Please notice how her mouth is open in both pictures.  This girl LOVES to talk!  I wonder where she gets it from?! ;)
Word puzzles...
Writing the words...not just tracing.  She does pretty well with these and I think she really likes to see the last row where she's written all by herself.
Circling words she knows.

Other sight word activities...color by number from 1+1+1=1.
Sight word searches from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
And, sight word paths from 3 Dinosaurs...

She actually requested to do these math addition sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She says, "I LOVE adding!" ;)

All finished with Unit 17.  Next lesson, wise and foolish builders.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feeding the ducks + playtime = I'm melting!

Last week we went to a local park and fed the ducks and played at the playground.  We got there just before 9:00am because I wanted to attempt to beat the heat.  Even at 9, I had no such luck!  It was hot and sticky!  But, that's Houston, so oh well.  We bought an extra loaf of bread at the grocery store just for this occasion and the more I thought about it, I realized I had never taken Mackenzie (or Meredith) to feed the ducks, so they were pretty excited.  Mackenzie wasn't as skiddish (sp?) as I thought she would be, but the ducks were pretty hungry, so I completely understood when she would back away from them.  This first group was a little too close for my comfort and wouldn't go in the water for the food, so we moved away from them. 

We walked a little bit around the pond to some ducks that were in the water, but I had to watch Meredith and make sure she didn't fall in the water!
Another section had a few ducks that were taking naps and only one of them was interested in the bread.
Our last section of ducks was the most interesting and fun.  First, the girls just fed one of the last few pieces of bread to the ducks sitting on the picnic table.
Then, they fed some on the ground.
Meredith really liked watching them and feeding them.  I'm glad I captured her smile as she watched Mackenzie.
Then, this little guy tried to swipe the last of our bread!
He ate a couple of pieces off the ground...
But then, wanted to know if we had any left!  Meredith wasn't too excited. ;)
Mackenzie was also not thrilled about it chasing her!  Of course I just stood there and took pictures like any good mother would! ;)
After all the bread was gone, we went to the playground to play for a little bit.

By 10:15, I was melting and our waters were almost gone, so we (I) sat in the shade.  The girls were content to play with rocks and sticks.

Finally, just before 10:30, we finished our waters and Meredith fell and got a tiny scrape on her knee, but that was enough for me to call it a day!  We came home, cooled off and took baths to wash off the sunscreen, sweat and dirt!  Overall it was a fun morning, but I don't see us doing that again this summer unless we go at 7:00am! ;)
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