Friday, May 10, 2013


We went on a family vacation last week for a couple of days.  We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine and had a lot of fun.  I have about a dozen photos total and none of them include the water park which is what Mackenzie was so excited about.  If you are not familiar with Great Wolf Lodge, it's a hotel with an indoor water park.  They have restaurants, an arcade, food stalls and lots of different kid things to do inside.  They also have story time every night on the main level, which we went to both nights.

We drove up on a Thursday morning and Mackenzie was so excited that even though we told her we wouldn't be there until after lunch, she asked the dreaded question, "Are we there yet?" 4 times with in the first hour.  She didn't ask it nearly that many times afterward, but it was asked quite a few more times before the trip was over.  She had been counting down the "sleeps" until our vacation, so she was just super excited to go and talked about it all the time.  Having to sit in a car seat for 4 hours was probably just more torture for her! ;)  Knowing we were going to an indoor water park/hotel where everything is inside, I didn't pay attention to the weather, so we were the silly ones who stopped to eat in Waco wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip flops in 51 degree weather after the cold front blew through! ;)  We got there about 1:15 and looked around the hotel for a little bit before getting straight into our swim suits and checking out the water park.

We spent about 2 hours at the water park each day we were there and the girls loved it.  I think when they are older we would probably stay longer in the water, but 2 hours was about the max Meredith could handle before it was nap time or meal time! ;)  Brandon took Mackenzie on one of the bigger water slides with the intention of riding down together, but when they got up there they said they couldn't do that, so Brandon said he kind of gently pushed Mackenzie down the slide.  She did not cry afterward, but she also didn't do the slide again! ;)  At least she tried it, which is more than I expected!  I unfortunately didn't get to see it because Meredith was sleeping in my arms for over an hour in the middle of the water park.  The trip had exhausted her and apparently the noise of the water and people all around didn't matter.  I did however get to see Mackenzie do the smaller slides in the 0-5 year age range.  She loved those!  She went down those several times and didn't require us to constantly watch her or be within 3 feet of her, so we are making progress!

In general the girls loved being in a hotel and going somewhere different than our usual places.  It was nice to have family fun with just the four of us and I'm proud to say I didn't think about a single thing that I had to do at home.  I truly went on vacation!  It was great!

Below are the few photos we have of our vacation.  I was not going to be the stupid girl that dropped her camera or phone in the water just to take a picture of my daughter going down the slide.  The camera only came out in the hotel part and even then, it was very little.  Oh well!

During story time, one of the 3 park characters would come out and help read the story.  Aftewards they stay for pictures.  The first night, Mackenzie didn't want to take any pictures with "Violet", but by the second night she had decided it would be fun to take a picture with Violet.  Then story time started and it was a different character, so she decided against it.  It's always a no go when things aren't exactly as she planned.  Here's Oliver from the second night.
About half the kids were in pajamas, including the girls.  Story time starts at 8 and since they go to bed at 8, they were bathed, dressed and ready for story time so that they could go straight back up to the room and go to sleep about 45 minutes late.  This is the girls about to do the "Great Wolf Howl".

Mackenzie really liked hearing the stories.  (I think we need to try library hour again.  Although, we didn't quit because she wasn't into it, but because so many other kids there were not!)
The second night we did stay up long enough to eat a pudding cup and watch a little bit of a movie on the ipad.

Mackenzie is already planning our future vacations and they are all based on her age.  As of today, I believe we are supposed to go somewhere with a ferris wheel when she is 5, Sea World when she is  and Disney World when she is 7.  Brandon said since she remembers EVERY THING, we shouldn't give her any confirmed dates/ages, so I told her all of those were probable, but we'll see about each one as the time gets closer. 

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