Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toddler Bed

Meredith did not have such a great morning on Mother's Day.  She threw a fit before we left for church and got to spend a few minutes screaming in her crib.  When I went back to get her, I noticed she was trying to hike her leg over the rail, but she put it down when I told her no.  She did fine in bible class, but then luckily she went to sleep all during church because based on those first 5 minutes when she was awake, church would NOT have been good.  Then, on the way home (the last 2 minutes actually) she threw a huge fit because I wouldn't give her any more french fries.  Brandon took care of her and did several rounds of: sit at the table to eat, scream, time in the crib...repeat.  After at least 4 or 5 rounds in her crib, she finally sat down and ate a little bit.  In all of that FUN, Brandon noticed Meredith trying to get out of her crib also.  Knowing we aren't ready for the girls to share a room yet (we don't have all of the furniture), we decided we would convert the crib to the toddler bed.  Since she sleeps with her door closed and doesn't know how to open doors (yet), we don't have to get another gate to keep her in her room. 

I was a little worried about bed time the first night, but she's such a good sleeper that we didn't have any issues.  It did take a minute longer than normal to convince her that it was bed time and she needed to lay down, but I think that was more because she was having to lay down on the opposite end of her bed than she's used to.  I said good night and closed the door and didn't hear a sound out of her until 6:00am, just like normal.  Unfortunately the 6:00am is normal, despite my wishes for at least 30 more minutes of sleep! ;)

It's been great not having to lift 30 pounds up and over the crib rail!  Last night I told her to get in her bed and she just stood there and shook her head no.  When I held her hand and nudged her a little to her bed, she got right in.  She hesitated again to lay down, but luckily I was able to just say that it was time for bed and then she just laid right down.  We have definitely been blessed with great sleepers!  Here's hoping number 3 is just as easy!

The picture is blurry, but this was her first time in the toddler bed.
We put the front rail in the hall closet knowing we'll be putting it right back on the crib in just 4 short months! ;)

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