Thursday, May 23, 2013

That's a lot of girls!!!!

So, my prediction was right, we are having another girl!  We haven't decided on a name, but we did actually talk about it yesterday.  All of us are very excited - well except for Meredith who has no idea what's going on! ;)  Yesterday I even went through the pile of clothes that had been in Meredith's closet and sorted through what can be kept for a third time, what needs to be donated and what can be sold at the resale shop.  We have only 6 outfits under 12 months!  But, like my mom said, maybe the third girl deserves to wear new clothes! ;)

Brandon and I agreed that we can go a little more girly in our selection of carseat, bounce seat and other stuff because we don't have to worry about needing it neutral for the next child.  I actually picked out a carseat with pink in it!  We will be changing the bedding for the baby and we talked this morning about looking at a purple rather than our go to pink.  What?!  Did you know you could use other colors besides pink when having girls?! ;)

Below are the ultrasound pictures.  Everything looked great and she is measuring right on schedule.  It's always so great (and reassuring) to see pictures and hear the heartbeat when I'm barely feeling her move around now.

I'm assuming this one shows the "girly parts". We'll try to be more discreet with her once she's born! ;)
Her cute little feet!  We have a similar one of Mackenzie like this.  So sweet!
A profile pic with her hand up by her face.
Another profile picture.

Funny story from Mackenzie: While at the doctor's office (the whole family went), the nurse listened for the heartbeat and played it on the microphone thing (sorry I don't know the technical term).  After she had gone, Brandon asked Mackenzie if she knew that the sound was the baby's heartbeat.  She made the sound and said, "yes, I didn't know it was so loud...I can't even hear mine!" Ha!Ha!  We explained to her that it was the microphone that made it loud, but it was so cute to hear her opinion of everything yesterday.  She's already a great big sister, but I know she'll be even a bigger help this time around.

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