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Preschool K3 Unit 15

How does time get away from me so quickly. One day I'm posting about unit 14 and about 2 weeks later I'm finally posting the next unit. While looking through the pictures I realized we did do a few more Valentine's Day crafts during school that I never posted about. I'll show you in a little bit. For now, here is the synopsis of our unit 15.

Bible: Elijah (1 Kings 17:1 - 18:46)
Letter: E
Sight Words: at, love, mom, dad

Now for the details...

I'm following the general plan of Hubbards Cupboard Bible and Rhyme curriculum.  Actually, I'm only following her bible story timeline and next in line was the story of Elijah.  We did two crafts with his story and I think she enjoyed making both of them.  The first was to make a paper plate raven just like the raven that brought food to Elijah when he was in hiding.

We even cut out little pieces of brown foam for the bread to fill in his "pocket".  She flew it around for awhile and we took turns being Elijah and getting the food.

The second activity was making the altar (misspelled on picture :/ ) as described in 1 Kings 18 when Elijah proved to the Baal worshipers that God has power and Baal does not.  We placed 12 stones (grey foam) with wood (popsicle sticks) on top.  Then covered everything with water including a mote around the altar (construction paper).  When God answered Elijah, the altar caught fire (tissue paper) and burned the sacrifice.

Every time we talked about this story, I kept remembering our church's drama during this past summer's vacation bible school.  It was pretty cute and funny, but probably very true about how the prophets of Baal felt when they couldn't get their sacrifice to light. 

Letter of the Week - E:
Since we were talking about Elijah, why not study the letter "E" too?  There is no shortage of letter of the week activities to do on the internet and based on my pictures, we did quite a bit on the letter E.  We did the animal ABC's activities every day...E is for elephant...
We took turns coloring this sheet from the animal abc's pack.

E is also for eagle...
Another new activity I started using from 1+1+1=1 are these "ABC find it" sheets.  We used them a few different ways.  First we just talked about the different objects and letter E's.  Then we matched the cards (second sheet) to the correct picture.
And finally, I read the description cards and Mackenzie found the matching picture.  She really liked looking at all of the different E's and we even learned a new word...emu! ;)
On top of all of those activities, we did a couple from Confessions of a homeschooler.  Finding the E's in a sentence about an elephant...
Tracing E's...
Using our oversized magnets on the dot marker page.  One of these days I'll get a pack of the same size magnets so that she can do this sheet properly! ;)
Another idea from Confessions of a homeschooler, is to trace the letter E with a push pin.  She really likes to do this, but she got tired after a while, so the spacing was more spread out in the end.
And lastly, we did a couple of sheets out of our ABC book.

Since this unit was done the week before Valentine's Day, we actually did a few valentine's activies.  Color by number from 1+1+1=1 Just color valentines' pack.
We also did a little math from 3 dinosaurs...
And finally, a few puzzle and number activities from Over the Big Moon and Mom to 2 Boys...

Sight Words:
We started the You Can Read unit 4 with sight words "at", "love", "mom" and "dad.   We do these two sheets first every time we start a new unit.  That way she can start to recognize the words without having to look at how they are spelled.  I'm not sure why, but she struggles with these connect the dot shapes EVERY time.  I try to explain it very simply every time, but she struggles with drawing a straight line to every dot.  I think she tries to go around the word and it bothers her that she is supposed to draw right through it.
I'm pretty sure we did sight paths for all of the words, but I only got a picture of "at".
Circling the correct word with the correct color marker...
Tracing the words...
Using Magnets and tracing the word again...
She also colored all of the words with the color by number sheets.  These are also from 1+1+1=1, but not in the You Can Read units.

And finally, our miscellany stuff we did.  Tracing the numbers 2 (and 3 - not pictured)...
We also did a couple of sheets out of our money book.  Here she is learning a little more about nickels.
And lastly, I taught her how to play UNO.  She enjoyed it and as you can tell, she even one a couple of times! ;)

That's it for this unit!  I've made my list of photos to edit for unit 16, but I still have to edit them.  Mackenzie has strep throat right now, so we are being forced to stay in today.  Here's hoping that means I'll actually edit those photos today, but I can't guarantee anything.

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