Sunday, May 5, 2013

Preschool K3 - Unit 14

Well, it's been two months since I've posted about Mackenzie's preschool at home.  The sad part is, this particular unit was completed about THREE months ago!  I'm so far behind...yada yada yada.  Anyways, below is the summary:

Bible - Daniel in the Lion's Den
Letter - L
Theme - Animals
Science - Animal habitats
Sight Words: it, is, like, my

Now for the details and pictures...

We talked about Daniel and the Lion's den and made a cute little lion mask.  Here's Mackenzie acting out the part of the lions! ;)
We also watched the Veggie Tale movie of Daniel and the Lion's Den.  It's one of their very first videos, so the graphics aren't as good good as they are now, but it's pretty cute.  The songs are pretty funny, too!

Letter L:
To go along with Lions, we studied the letter L.  Tracing and writing L's are pretty easy for her, but if it's on a dry/erase sheet, she'll do anything! ;)

We did a couple of our letter l activity sheets in our alphabet book...

The Animal ABC's from 1+1+=1 were about Llamas and ladybugs...
This time, she actually colored the lowercase l before putting the ladybugs on so that they would be on grass.

I decided she might like looking at what we did last year in school for the letter L, so we pulled out our Raising Rockstars Preschool Binder.
After looking at all of the vocabulary cards and crafts and memory verses from last year, we decided to make a list of  some "L" words...

Theme - Animals:
Since we were talking about Daniel and the lions den, i thought we would talk about animals also.  3Dinosaurs has an awesome animal pack that we used in our lessons.  She did 4 number puzzles going all the way up to 40!

Tracing is always fun when you pretend the animals are making the curves, lines and squiggles! ;)
Patterning...Before she begins, she looks at the pictures and decides what we are going to call them.  Once the name is settled, then she can say the pattern out loud and say the missing picture.  This is her routine for every pattern activity we do.
Which one is different...
The sorting activity below was pretty interesting and she surprised me by what she knew.  She had to sort animals by whether they ate plants or meat.  I actually had to look up kangaroos, because I had no idea they ate plants. :/

Science - animal habitats:
While discussing animals, we also added a very small study about animal habitats.  I was going more for a general awareness that animals have different habitats, not necessarily for her to know all of the habitats and their animals.  Again, 3Dinosaurs had a large number of animal vocabulary cards that we laid out and talked about.
After we talked about the animals we used the animal habitat books to match the animals.  Not everyone of them had a match in the book, but we found a place in every habitat.
On another day, we used the habitat classification cards from to sort animals.  This one was a little harder for us, but we figured it out and talked about each animal as we did it.

Sight Words:
We were finishing up unit 3 of You Can Read which includes sight words my, like, it and is.  She likes all of the activities in these units, especially when it involves choosing different colors and circling a particular word with a particular color.  This fits her personality very well - everything has a certain place and certain way of doing something!
The word searches are a favorite also, although she did tell me that the ones at the restaurants (on the kids menus) are a lot harder than the ones we do in school! ;)
Dice and dot markers, what could be more fun?! ;)
This is probably my favorite activity, watching her transition from tracing the word to writing it in the boxes, to writing it all on her own!  I love little kid handwriting!
And the final activity we do in every unit is read the sentences and circle the words she knows.  She is always happy after doing this sheet because she can "read"!  It's a favorite for both of us.

We also did other activities during the week.  I found this printable of the ABC's to use with magnets.  She seemed to like it pretty well, except I think I had too many magnets out in the beginning.  As she started finding letters, I removed the duplicates of that found letter.  That way, in the end it wasn't an overwhelming selection finding the correct letter.

She laced a lamb...
Tracing zeros...apparently it was a little cold in our house. ;)
And lastly, one of her new favorite, simple addition.  She likes to write the numbers below each set of objects  and then write the final number.  Maybe next year we'll introduce subtraction, we'll see.

This is the week we also did the ABC Gross motor activity, so we were pretty busy.  I think this is probably the week just before my pregnancy nausea hit, so we were still doing our "normal" routine.  The next couple of units we did were either filled with less activities or we took 2 weeks to complete.  To be honest, I don't remember, so we'll find out when I upload those pictures and blog the next school post! Ha! ;)

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