Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pregnancy pics

When I was pregnant with Mackenzie, we took pictures of my growing belly every 4 weeks starting at 12 weeks.  That leaves about 8 photos if you count the final picture the day of the c-section.  Of those 8, we only missed taking one photo at 24 weeks.  For Meredith, we did the same thing except we missed weeks 20, 28 and 32.  Then I guess we made up for missing some by taking pictures at 34 and 38 weeks.  We were smart and took a picture at 40 weeks, which is good since she arrived the very next day!  For baby number 3 we are off to a good start and have pictures for weeks 12 and 16!  Yay!  Here's hoping I do better with the pictures for this pregnancy.  You'd think it would be easy to remember since I think about how far along I am EVERY DAY! :)  But, by the time that particular Saturday comes along, I have to try very hard to remember!  We'll just blame pregnancy brain if I forget any! ;)

Here is my most recent picture at 16 weeks.  I'll be taking a new photo in about 1 1/2 weeks for my 20 week photo!

And because I just couldn't resist, I made comparison photos of all 3 pregnancies together at the same time.  These will be the only comparison I will have of all 3 at the exact same time since I missed different milestones in the other two pregnancies.  I'm sure I'll still do comparisons, its just that some might have different time lines or some will only be comparing to one other pregnancy.  Oh well, it's just for fun.

So, that's my belly! :)  Mackenzie says it's getting bigger every day.  What's funny is she's forgotten how big I really get at 40 weeks!  Just as a reminder, here's Mackenzie at 39 weeks (left) and Meredith at 40 weeks (right):

Can we say huge?!  Only 21-22 weeks to go!

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