Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now for the name...

Surprisingly, it didn't take too long for Brandon and I to decide on a name for baby girl #3.  We found out it was a girl on Wednesday and discussed a few names that day.  Then I emailed Brandon Thursday morning with my top 4 first names and he chose the one he liked the best.

Then on Friday afternoon/evening we started talking about middle names.  At first we just said a few names that were obviously ones we were NOT going to choose.  I won't say them in case I offend someone with a similar name. ;)  After only a few never names, I said a name and he said that was good.  I've been trying to use that particular middle name since I was pregnant with Mackenzie and I guess he was finally okay with it. ;)

So there's that, in 48 hours we decided that baby girl number 3 will be named:

Miranda Kate Meyers

We can't wait to meet her!

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