Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo Love

In May I bumped up my picture taking and tried to take at least one picture every day.  I didn't make it every day, but I did take a lot more pictures than I did in April and that was the goal!  Below are my favorite photos from the month.  Most of them are also on the 365 blog, but that's the way it goes with favorites! ;)

One of my favorite photos of Meredith!
A great one of Mackenzie too!  I love close ups of my girls.
A selfie of me and Mackenzie.  I tried to get one with Meredith, but it didn't turn out well, so this will have to do for now.  At least I'm in a picture!
Sisterly love in a laundry basket.  I think they are looking at the TV instead of me. :/
I love her dance costumes.  She's just so cute! ;)

This is Meredith's half smile.  It's not the picture that is my favorite but the story behind it.  What's not seen in this picture is the picture 5 minutes before where she pulled out her clip as I took a picture.  Followed by me putting the clip in the bathroom, her screaming/crying in the bathroom, a time out in her crib and then finally a few more tears before finally getting a clip she liked and asking for me to take her picture.  All of this before church!
And my brother thinks we'll have drama with 3 girls in their teen years.  Ha!  I think the drama has already begun...and it's not with the girl I thought it would be with! ;)

Bubbles...always a ton of fun!

Well, May is over and we are ready for summer!!!!

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