Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 Dance Recital

Mackenzie had her end of the year dance recital this past Saturday.  This year she performed both ballet and tap routines.  We had the same exact ballet costume as last year, so maybe this Halloween the girls can be matching ballerinas! ;)  We don't pay for the professional pictures, so I just took her picture in front of the brick wall outside the dressing room.  Here's our little ballerina!
I asked her to pose and this is what she chose to do.
Here she is with a friend of hers from dance this past summer.
Her tap costume was super cute and is now officially in our dress up box.  They didn't wear the matching gloves or leggings, but we also have those for dress up too!
Just like last year, Brandon brought flowers to her on stage when she received her trophy.
There were so many other people on stage taking pictures that I think she had a hard time focusing on me.  This is the best picture I have of the two of them.
And finally, the actual videos.  Mackenzie was the furthest from her teacher, so I think she had a hard time seeing what she was supposed to do next.  She also is very careful to stay on her spot on stage! ;)  This routine was a lot harder than last years routine, but I think she did pretty well, considering we missed 4 dance classes in March due to her separation anxiety (or whatever that mess was).
Now for the tap routine!  You might want to skip the first 30 seconds as you will be looking at a black curtain.  Brandon wasn't sure when she was going to be dancing, so he just waited for the curtain to open for each show.

So for whatever I can't get the tap routine to load in the blog, so go here if you want to see it!

As of this afternoon, we are officially finished with dance.  We are taking a break through the end of the year, if not permanently.  We'll re-evaluate all extra curricular activities in January after we've adjusted to preschool and baby number 3.  By then, Meredith might be interested in something, so we'll see.  

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