Monday, April 15, 2013

trying to blog

We are officially all over our illnesses.  Mackenzie takes her last dose of antibiotics today, so that will be nice.  Of course, as soon as we were all better last week, our schedule filled back up with our usual busyness.  Swim lessons, Ladies bible class and dance. 

Mackenzie continues to make progress in swim, even with missing two lessons the week we were sick.  I looked up her "missing" skills and they all relate to the actual swimming part - as in moving forward.  She has the floating, holding her breath and flipping from front to back mastered.  Now she just has to work on flipping from back to front and then actually moving her arms (in freestyle strokes) to move forward when she's in the water.  I'm so proud of her and what she's done so far.  She still gets nervous before the lesson, but once in the lesson, she doesn't cry at all.  I can't wait till next month when our neighborhood pool opens on the weekends and we can practice together in the water.  Meredith is also doing well, but HATES floating on her back.  I wish I could take a camera in the pool with me on her lessons.  She is so funny.  She will have her mouth closed until they say "1-2-3 bubbles", at which point she will open her mouth as they put her under water.  She comes up with her mouth closed and has never coughed up a bunch of water.  So, she's either swallowing or spitting the water out while under water.  Either way, she seems to like being in the water as long as she's not on her back.

We started swim lesson the first week of March and that same week, Mackenzie started getting "scared" and wouldn't go to dance or even bible class.  She missed one bible class because of this, but the next one Brandon went in with her and from then on, she has gone back to loving bible class.  Dance is another story.  She refused to dance for 3 dance classes!  No amount of spankings, no TV or spending the day in her room seemed to sway her.  I get that she might be tired of dance since she's been taking it every week since last January, but we also want to teach her to finish something she started.  With only 4 lessons left until her final recital, I finally found the ultimate punishment that made her dance...loss of her bunnies/loveys.  She has slept with these loveys since she was 4 months old and I told her if she didn't dance, she would lose them for one day and night.  We got to dance and she started to cry and try to leave, but luckily her teacher came and talked to her and convinced her to go sit by her in class.  Within minutes of class starting, she was fine.  She even got her ballet costume that day and all was well.  This week she gets her tap costume and in one month she will have her final recital.  I love to see her dance, but if its a struggle to get her to go, we aren't going to do it.  We were already planning a break through the end of the year and now it will be a very needed break for Mackenzie as well as me! ;)

Meredith's vocabulary has grown so much in the last week or two.  Below are the words that I can remember.
  • book
  • out (usually means put me down. aka: I want "out" of here.)
  • mok (milk)
  • neigh (while riding a stick she's made into a horse)
  • puppy
  • yo ho (when she sees Jake and the Neverland Pirates on tv)
  • juice
  • fries
  • fish
  • ick (She says this word every time she wants me to pick her up, so I think she's trying to say "pick".
  • lala - lalaloopsy doll
  • cheese

She's even added phrases, well actually questions.  Specifically, she likes to know where things are and what you are doing.  These are her top questions:
  • "momma, are you?" - as in where are you.  She will ask this when she can't see me, even if I'm just sitting at the table while she's on the couch.
  • "momma, doin'?" - she likes to know what you are doing, quite a bit.  I was cleaning the girls toilet while they were taking a bath the other night and she looked and me and said, "doin, momma?" with such a serious face.
  • "where _____?" - if she's looking for something or someone, she will now ask about it and then usually go look for it.  Every morning she asks, "where daddy?" and except for the weekend, I always have to answer that he's at work.  She then says, "okay."  It's a new routine! ;)
  • "hear?"  Yesterday morning she heard some birds at the fireplace vent on the roof and put her hand to her ear and said, "hear, momma?"  When I asked her if she heard the birds she nodded and said yes.
Anyways, here's hoping this post gets me back into blogging.  I need to edit some photos from Easter tonight so hopefully there will be another new post tomorrow rather than next week as it seems to be my new posting interval! ;)

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