Monday, April 8, 2013

on our way back to normal

So, I didn't stay healthy. Boo!  I never had a fever, but the cough and congestion was enough for me!  I thought the girls were getting better on Thursday, but Mackenzie's fever came back that evening.  When she still had the fever Friday night I made an appointment with our after hours clinic to see what new illness had taken over.  Sure enough, she had a slight ear infection from all of the drainage.  We are officially fever free (yesterday was our first day) and are progressing towards normality.  Well, as normal as we can be with these crummy coughs and runny noses!  As a family we sound awesome when we get together! ;) 

Yesterday was a rough day for me.  I had to take tylenol 3 times and still went to bed with a horrible headache.  I also checked my "approved pregnancy medication" and took a benedryl before bed to help with all of the congestion.  I slept so well and woke up with only a slight cough, less congestion and most importantly...NO headache!

Today we have resumed normal store, tv only at lunch time, playing in the playroom and household chores.  I did laundry yesterday, but only as it pertained to the washer and dryer.  I now have 2 very full baskets of clothes ready to be folded!  I guess I'll be getting to that in just a little bit.  On a more exciting note (at least for me and Mackenzie) we are going have school this afternoon while Meredith naps!  Our calendar on the wall still reads for days 10-16 of March, so that means it's been almost an entire month since we last had a school lesson.  I was going to start fresh with an all new story, but we never finished the last lesson so we are going to finish that one up and then start a new lesson later this week.

The other "thing" we are working on today is Meredith's whining/crying behavior.  I think after an entire week of being sick and cuddling on the couch with me and Mackenzie, her attachment to me has grown stronger.  She had to have a time out in her bed several times this morning because of her crying fits she threw when I wouldn't pick her up and hold her the ENTIRE morning! ;)  Thank goodness she doesn't go to school, because drop off would be horrible at this point.  Anyways, she's been better since we've gotten home from the grocery store, so hopefully returning to our regular schedule will help smooth things out.

So, that's our health update, in case you were wondering.  We are all on the mend and I am super excited about that!

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