Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hold out

I'm determined to be the last hold out in our family to get sick!  Normally I wouldn't be concerned about getting sick, since I rarely get sick, but with my slightly weakened immune system due to pregnancy, I'm not as confident.  In fact, the last time I was sick was when I was pregnant with Meredith almost 2 years ago!

Brandon started the illness last week with a slight fever and congestion/cough.  His fever was gone by Saturday morning, but he still has the cough and congestion.  Mackenzie and Meredith had a little cough on Sunday/Monday morning and then the fever rolled in Monday evening.  I took the girls to the doctor yesterday and they tested negative for strep and since there are no other symptoms, it's just a short lived virus, so they say.  Mackenzie's fever seems to be going away.  She hasn't had medicine since 2am and her temperature is only 99.4.  Here's hoping it stays that way and lowers even more!  I think Meredith must be a little behind Mackenzie because her fever didn't get high until yesterday afternoon and this morning.  Both are doing fine, but have found that laughing leads to coughs, which don't feel real great, so as Mackenzie said, "Meredith, you have to have little laughs, so you won't have big coughs."

So, we stocked up on medicine for the girls and are just taking it easy.  Today will be a cleaning/disinfecting day for me.  I've got the first of many loads of sheets/towels/clothes in the washer right now and I've got a big bottle of lysol to start using all around the house! ;)  At least it hasn't been the greatest weather yesterday and today, so I don't feel so bad staying indoors all day.  Maybe later I'll find the time to upload Easter pictures and blog about our fun before the illness! ;)  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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