Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter - 3 weeks later!

We had a good Easter and then 24 hours later, we were sick.  So, even though it's been almost 3 weeks, I'm still going to blog about our Easter.  We didn't do much as far as crafting goes.  Last year we did a lot, but this year we only died eggs in preparation for Easter.

Waiting is a little hard for a 4 year old, but she was determined to have very bright colored eggs, so she waited patiently.

But it was well worth the wait!  We bought a kit that had sticky jewel shapes to put on the eggs.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! ;)

On Easter Sunday, we woke up and the girls went straight for their baskets.
And then, the hunt began!

About half way through the hunt, Meredith discovered that the eggs were filled with candy!
And Mackenzie was just thrilled that she had more eggs than Meredith! ;)
We drove down to my home town and went to church with my family.  Afterwards the girls had another hunt at Moshi and Gapa's house.  Meredith really understood the concept by then!
This is one of my favorite photos...both girls checking out their eggs and candy!
And one of the few pictures of me with the girls.  If only we were all smiling! ;)
We also got a picture of the girls with Granny and Papa.  Too cute!

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