Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beautiful Weather

Now that the weather is warmer, we've been playing outside a bit more, either in the backyard or front yard.  The girls got some new BRIGHT clothing, so we had to get a picture of them together.  This was the best I could get! ;)
Meredith didn't want to let go of the water bottle and we had only just gotten outside.
Mackenzie's learning how to swing on her own.  She still wants me to get her started, but after that she does pretty well on her own.
It looks like we have some pretty big "steps" on our playset!  I really don't like for the girls to play in the backyard because our swing set is getting old and I'm afraid they are going to get all kinds of splinters from the slowly rotting wood.  Brandon and I are talking about getting rid of this set and buying a plain swing set.  We have great playgrounds in our neighborhood and city that we can go to if the girls want to climb and slide.
For now though, they enjoy this slide occasionally.
Mackenzie tried to swing on this rope swing and didn't do so well! Ha! ;)
One of my favorite photos of Meredith.  I tried to find a similar one of Mackenzie, but I couldn't find it.  Oh well, I guess they don't always have to be compared in photos! ;)
Meredith decided to sing for me while we were taking a break...
But then, sister said something and distracted her!  That's her "what's that?" face.
One day the weather was a little warm, but we still played out in the front yard while we waited on a friend to stop by.  I actually had to apply sunscreen on the girls because the sun was so bright and I was worried we'd get sunburned.  Meredith likes to push this little waking toy...
However, she wasn't a fan of the wind!
Mackenzie's hair was sticking to her sun-screened face, so we had to pull it up in a quick fix pony tail.  Then she was free to dance and spin around as much as she liked!

I drew Minnie and Micky on the sidewalk and Meredith thought it was fun to stand on them.  Again, notice the water bottle.  When she's hot and thirsty, she won't let go of the water bottle! ;)

We have a portable speaker that plays music from our ipod that we take it outside when we play.  The girls love to dance to the music and this time was no exception!
And finally, my favorite from our time outside and the girls dancing together.  So, cute!

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