Friday, April 26, 2013

ABC Gross Motor

This summer I downloaded some ABC exercise cards to use for our letter of the week activities.  Back in January, I decided we would make a game using all of the cards, so I had the girls take turns drawing a card and doing the activity.  This is a not so great picture of all of the cards after the girls completed the activity.  We didn't do them in alphabetical order, however my pictures are in alphabetical order.  I don't have pictures of all of the letters either because the picture was just too blurry or in the case of R and S, I didn't even take those pictures.

A is for "Make circles with your ankle".  This one was easy for her, however she did feel the need to lean against a chair for balance.
Speaking of balance...B is for "balance on one foot".
C is for "clap your hands".  Easy Peasy.
D is for "dance".  Her favorite activity of all!
E is for "elevate your arms".  This became a flying butterfly activity.
And Meredith joined in for this one, too!
F is for "Flex your muscles".  This was new to her.  I'm guessing if she was a boy we would have said it to her more, but for this little girly girl, it was her first time to hear this phrase!
G is for "grab the stars".  I'm pretty sure she was jumping while "grabbing" the stars which would explain the blurry photo!
H is for "hop on one foot".  I love when Meredith jumps or hops because her feet never leave the ground!  It is so cute and I'm going to miss these little non hops when she finally learns to jump.
I is for "act like and inchworm".  Mackenzie looks like she's doing an army crawl more than an inchworm, but oh well.
J is for "jumping jacks".  This was another fun activity to watch since neither girl can really do them correctly! 
K is for "kick your legs".  I didn't have a good picture of this at all.  :(

L is for "lift your legs".  Both girls liked this one...super easy!
M is for "march in place"
N is for "nod your head".

O is for "jump over a pillow".  Meredith walked over the pillow and Mackenzie did a jete over the pillow.
P is for "push ups".  This was quite funny because again, Mackenzie had never done one before.  I demonstrated one for her, but it was still a little hard for her to figure out. ;)

Q is for "quickly walk in place".  This one doesn't really make since because I'm not sure how you walk in place.  We adjusted it to "walk quickly" across the living room.
R is for "run in place".  I don't have a picture of this one.  Probably because we were indoors and there was no way I could have gotten a non blurry picture of her running.

S is for "sit up".  I demonstrated this for Mackenzie and she had no desire to try it! Ha!

T is for "touch your toes".  Meredith was so happy when she could do this one!

U is for "ride a unicycle".  Mackenzie got the hang of this one quickly and decided she should help Meredith.

V is for "pretend you are a volcano".  Mackenzie loved this one and instantly brought up the fact that it was the same as the ABC yoga exercise we did for the letter V.
W is for "windmills with arms".  I guess now with swimming lessons, we would call them "row row arms".

X is for "pick your exercise", but I don't know what they did! ;)  Sorry, it's been 3 months since we've done this. :(

Y is for "pretend you are using a yoyo".  Meredith liked moving her arms back and forth!
And finally, Z is for "run in a zig zag".  Mackenzie really liked this one too.

We were doing this as part of a gross motor challenge in January that 3Dinosaurs was hosting.  Unfortunately, I wasn't very consistent with the daily challenge, so I didn't blog about it.  But now that I'm trying to catch up with the blogging/scrapbooking, some of these pictures were just too cute to pass up, even if they were taken 3 months ago! ;)

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