Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's next?

As usual I have several things to blog about, but don't really feel like uploading and editing my pictures in order to post them.  I thought for today, I'd list the future post topics and let you decide what the next blog post is about!

  • strawberry picking
  • handmade night stands (Brandon made these a LONG time ago!)
  • preschool unit (I'm actually 3 posts behind)
  • Meredith is 19 months old
  • new camera lens
  • decor ideas for the girls' room
  • bright colors and playing outside
  • Sunday dress up
  • new ultrasound photo

So that's my basic list.  Maybe I'll actually post about all of them in the next couple of weeks. That's probably wishful thinking, but you never know! ;)

In other news, today we had a great day at swim lessons!  Mackenzie went into the swim area WITHOUT crying (yay) and Meredith didn't cry until the very end because I made her get out of the pool! Ha!  It's a huge difference from two weeks ago.  Meredith went under the water several times today and was even pushed to the bottom of the pool to get a ring!  When the teacher asked her if she was ready to go in the water on one of the "swimming" passes I heard her say, "yesh".  She doesn't just say yes to say yes, so she was really ready!  If this is what it's like after 3 lessons, I can't wait to see what she'll be like in a couple of months or the end of the summer!  Mackenzie is also improving and I saw her get to a floating position on her back today all by herself.  Yay Mackenzie!  I noticed on the swim schedule it lists the completed skills next to each child, I'm assuming so that you know when they can be promoted to the next level.  Mackenzie has mastered skills 1, 2, 3 & 9 out of 10 skills (I think).  Now to find out what each of the numbers means and see what the missing numbers are! Since I was wet from swimming with Meredith, I didn't go into the office to find out.  I'll check next week and see what we can work on or what I can encourage her to do. ;)

So, that's all I have for now!  Let me know what topic you want to hear about next - I need a little more motivation!

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