Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tot School: RED, glass gems & shape sorter

So this recap of tot school is what we've done in the last 2 months!  Let's just say that with the first trimester pregnancy symptoms, I haven't exactly been doing much tot school with Meredith.  I'm now officially 13 weeks along and haven't had any nausea in the last couple of days, so here's hoping there will be more tot school posts to come!

Tot School

In January I had been pretty good about changing out a box full of items for our color of the week.  At the end of January I started our RED box and it's still the same 2 months later! ;)
We've looked at all of the items many times.  Some of the things we have in the box are: cups, potato head shoes, play food tomatoes and strawberries, jingle bells, balls, blocks and of course we had to add llama llama with his red pajamas!  I think she's finally getting it.  She doesn't say red, but if I ask her to get something from her red box, she knows where to go, so that's something!

Meredith was trying to get Elmo to smell the flower...
Yep, she figured out how to blow a whistle!
She looks so cute in headbands.  Too bad she won't keep them on her head for more than 30 seconds!
This is where Meredith says, "are you really going to take a picture of everything I look at?"  My response, "why, yes, yes I am - that's what I do." ;)
Something she really likes to play with is the shape sorter thing she got for Christmas.  She can get the circles, no problem, but obviously it take a little more effort to do the other shapes with more than one pegs.  She's getting better.
One of the few days I did school with Mackenzie, Meredith joined us in the end and immediately started taking the glass gems away from Mackenzie's activity.
Rather than fighting her over them, we decided we would play with them.  We counted, put them in and out of the container and tried making lines.

And last, but not least, one of my favorite pictures.  Mackenzie and I were painting, so I let Meredith paint with RED paint.  She was doing pretty well, but then I looked over at her and noticed this...
Who needs paper (or paper plate), when you can paint yourself?! ;)

So here's to more tot school and maybe this week we'll do a new color! ;)


  1. Yay for finishing your first trimester and no more sickness! Cute pic of the red painted baby belly ~ she looks so purposeful, too! :) Hope you are blessed in your tot school efforts over the coming months!

    {Visiting from 1+1+1=1!}

  2. I love that box of red things. I did a sensory bin of each color with my toddler awhile ago, but I had a hard time finding enough things of each color. Your daughter looks like she is enjoying the items so much. :)


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