Friday, March 1, 2013

Meredith is 18 months!

Wow!  I've been a stay at home mom for 18 months!  It's hard to believe!  Since February only has 28 days this year, we are going to pretend that today is February 29th, so that it can be exactly 18 months since Meredith was born.

We will go to the doctor on Monday for her check up, but I know that currently she weighs 30 pounds and as far as I can tell, she is 33 inches tall!  That would keep her in the upper 90's percentile wise.  We'll see what the nurse measures next week.  As for her "milestones"...

At 18 months, Meredith...
- loves to play with her "babies" or any other doll.  She sometimes will tell us to be quiet when she's putting them to sleep.
- takes one long nap a day, right after lunch and will show her lack of sleep by about 1:00 with a tantrum!
- added eyes, nose, "geegee" (Kiki - nickname for Mackenzie), baby, mine and mow (for cat) to this months words.  Her other consistent words are momma, dadda, eee (eat); pees (please), eef (teeth), su (shoe), yes (es), night night (ni-ni), bye-bye, no, off, yay, all done (ahh nun). 
- has 12 teeth (6 top, 6 bottom), but with some of this recent crankiness, I'm hoping some eye teeth are going to pop in soon.
- can throw a pretty good tantrum when she doesn't get her way.  She immediately falls to the floor and cries while laying on her belly.
- wears 24 month to 2T clothing and size 6 shoe.
- loves looking at books and thought a menu at a restaurant the other night was a great book!
- still loves bath time, but DOES NOT like bubble baths.  That resulted in a screaming fit and a scramble to get out of the tub.  Since then she's a little weary about any kind of bubbles from rinsing soap or shampoo.
- loves to sing or hear music.  She sings along and does some of the song motions depending on the song.  She also dances quite a bit to any music that comes on the stereo or tv.
- will stop eating whatever she is eating if you have a bag of chips.  It doesn't matter the flavor (cool ranch, sour cream/onion or plain tortilla), she LOVES chips.
- is not very cuddly unless she is sleepy or not feeling well.  She does not like to hold Mackenzie's hand or lay her head on my shoulder unless she is already asleep.
- can be quite the ham when people come over to our house.
- copies almost everything Mackenzie does.

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