Tuesday, March 19, 2013

little things

The little things going on lately...

1.  On Saturday, Meredith smashed her fingers in the door going to the garage.  I think 3 fingers were smashed in the process (last 3 on the right hand), but the ring finger took the biggest "hit" and she lost the fingernail for that finger.  Thank goodness, Brandon handled the blood better than I did.  I may or may not have had to lay down on the kitchen floor to keep from passing out.  I'd like to say it's because I was queasy from the first trimester symptoms, but I very well could have done the same thing if I hadn't been pregnant.  We put a band aid on her finger and headed to the emergency room.  Half way there she calmed down (thanks to a bag of cheetos) and we decided she didn't need to go to the emergency room since the only problem was the fingernail loss.  We stopped at a drug store instead and bought some first aid oinment and butterfly bandages.  Once we got to the church building (the reason we were leaving the house), Brandon fixed Meredith's fingers while she was strapped in her carseat, which is probably the best place to doctor a toddler's cut/scrape/owie.  The first day, she didn't use her right hand hardly at all, but by Sunday she was using her right hand and bending her fingers just fine to grip things.  Last night we took the bandage off so that the wound could dry up and heal and she hasn't complained about it at all.  I called the doctors office this morning to see if we could see the doctor just for a check up, but we won't get in until tomorrow.  We think it's just fine, but we just want to have a professional look at it.
As I've been thinking about Meredith's fingers, I started trying to remember if Mackenzie has had anything big happen to her.  She had her fingers smashed in a door at school, but they were only bruised and it didn't require any bandages.  I thought that was all that had happened to her other than the occasional scrape, but then I remembered what happened to her at 18 months...the bite from a kid at school.  That bite ended up bleeding and scabbing over and looked so much worse than I thought a bite could ever look like.  If this is going to be a tradition, I guess I should expect some bloody event when baby number 3 turns 18 months!  Maybe this one will break the tradition! ;)

2.   Mackenzie had another swim lesson today.  She has 2 lessons a week and after 4 lessons, she still cried this morning before we left.  She cried walking into the swim area too, but at least they didn't have to carry her in.  I had to take care of some paperwork in the office this morning, so I missed the first 15 minutes, but in the last 15 minutes she did really well.  There was only one other boy in her class this morning, so she had a little more time with the instructor, which was great.  Today was the first time she went down the slide to the pool and I saw her go to the bottom of the pool to get the ring!  Her instructor had to help help her get down there, but she went down and wasn't crying when she got back up! ;)  She also moved down the pool towards the slide by holding onto the brick (side of the pool), so I was completely impressed with how far she's come in 2 1/2 weeks.  There's hope that our vacation to Great Wolf Lodge will be fun for her and our summer will be great!  Meredith is also doing great in the water as long as I don't give her to the instructor.  Then she throws a fit, but still goes under water and kind of sort of floats on her back.  Oh well, she'll get over her separation anxiety soon, right? ;)

3.  Mackenzie has always like "beef".  I put beef in quotes because for the longest time, we called hamburgers, steaks, ground beef and any other type of beef, just plain "beef".  Mackenzie will eat chicken, but if a hamburger is an option, she'll choose it over chicken.  She once ate a small steak at my parents' house and eats my meatloaf  with out any issues.  The roast beef sandwich is her favorite at Arby's.  I'm telling you all this because I've been trying to get her to try other types of meat too.  The other night I cooked a pork tenderloin and Mackenzie was convinced she didn't want any.  While standing in a counter watching me prepare dinner, she decide she would try a slice of the pork.  While she was eating the first bite, she informed me that she LOVED it.  And she really did, since she ate SIX slices that night!  I was surprised at how much she liked it, but thankful that it's one more meal I can make that we can all eat together rather than making a separate meal for the girls.

4.  In 5 more weeks, we'll have an ultrasound that will tell us if baby #3 is a boy or girl.  I told Brandon that in 6 weeks I will finally feel more prepared and productive because I'll finally know what I can do with the current clothing we have.  As I said before, we don't have any baby clothing below 12 months, however Meredith is wearing 24 months and 2T clothing, so I have a ton of clothing that either will need to be saved again or sorted for ebay and the resale shop.  Knowing the sex of the baby will also be helpful in registering/buying the bottles, car seats, burp cloths, blankets and all the other baby stuff that can be pink or blue (I'm not a big fan of yellow).  So exciting!

So that's the little things that have been going on with us.  Have a great Tuesday!

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