Saturday, March 16, 2013

Family Pictures

For Christmas, Brandon's brother and sister in law had a photographer friend come and take pictures of the Meyers family.  I know Christmas was 3 months ago, but I'm slowly catching up on things that have happened lately.  Not to mention, we received the images about the time my nausea set in, so I never blogged about the photos.

Once I found out we were having family pictures taken, I intended to have a large canvas print made of the 4 of us to hang over the fireplace, but with the new baby, I think I need to wait for a more complete family photo.  I'm still planning to order larger prints for the house, just not the large one over the fire place.  The last piece of framed art I hung over the fire place last 6 1/2 years and one move, so I'd hate for this new little baby to be 5 and still be looking at a large picture of the family with out him or her. :/  Anyways, that's been my rational as to why I haven't ordered any prints as of yet and why my fireplace wall is blank.

Now, to get on with the photos.  I'm so happy with Shannon's photos and her patience with Meredith.  She had to act quickly if she wanted a planned portrait of Meredith with anyone else.  What can I say...she's a toddler and she was in a place she had never seen before.

Mackenzie had to do some ballet, of course...
One of the few times Meredith sat still!
Getting all 3 grandchildren too look at the camera and stay still was the hardest thing.  This is the closest we could get!  I say we, because I was trying so hard to wrangle Meredith and get all of them to smile while Shannon took the photos!  I guess with baby #3 on the way, I'll be an expert at this soon! ;)
They aren't looking at the camera, but they are all so cute!
This is the family photo I was going to enlarge and put over the fire place.  Meredith refused to be held, so we let her do her own thing!
What, a photo of just me and Brandon?!  This hasn't happened in FOREVER!  What you don't see is our nervousness as Meredith is playing on the stairs just beside us.  Shannon would take a picture and then we'd both look over and catch Meredith before she fell down the stairs.  And, repeat.
Close up of the girls...
So, enough about us, now for the rest of the family! 

Casey, Virginie and Indiana...
Dustin and Aubrey...
3 sister-in-laws...
And finally all the siblings, spouses and children!

I'm looking forward to future photos as our families continue to grow!  Thanks Aubrey and Dustin for the photos!

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