Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can you keep a secret?

I don't have a secret anymore, but I feel like I'm confessing to you about what I've been doing (or not doing) these past couple of weeks.

1.  We started swim lessons this week.  Mackenzie cried for almost the entire 30 minutes on Tuesday, but she still did everything the teacher had her do, so that's good...I think.  Today, she cried when going into he swim area and I noticed that they had to carry her to her teacher because she was crying so much.  But after that, she did much better and I didn't hear her cry in the pool another time.  Instead, I heard Meredith scream and cry in my ear as we were taking a "mommy and me" class.  She actually did really well for the first 15 minutes and didn't fuss too much.  That was before the teacher took her to work on her floating across the pool.  Then, the crying began for a few minutes until we found some toys.  But then, she had to do a second pass across the pool with the teacher and that really set her off!  She didn't stop crying until after I had changed her clothes after the lesson.  The funny thing about all of this is that she didn't even have to go under water today!  How is she going to act next week when I'm sure they will start putting her under! ;)

2.  It's the 7th day of March and I haven't taken a single picture on my nice camera.  I feel so lazy and lax in my picture taking, that I actually feel guilty.  I feel like I could be missing great pictures and memories of the girls with every day I don't pick up my camera.  But the truth is, I just haven't felt like picking up the camera.  Today I got my new lens I bought with my birthday money.  It's a multi-zoom lens 18mm-135mm, since my basic lens (18-55mm) stopped working on the automatic focus setting.  I unpacked the lens, put it on my camera, took 4 pictures of the living room and put the camera back on the counter.  Can we say lazy?!

3.  We haven't done school in about 2 weeks!  I want to do school with Mackenzie, but I just don't have the energy.  I think we did one 20 minute session one day last week, but then I didn't do anything after that because Meredith woke up from her nap and I was too tired.  The problem is, the longer we don't do school, the harder it is for me to get motivated.  I'm hoping to plan some lessons this weekend so that we can hit the ground running next weekend and move right along like we've never skipped any of our lessons.  This is just proof that I could never homeschool the girls past preschool, when it really matters.  We'd wind up skipping 3 weeks and cramming everything in one week every month and no one learns well like that!

4.  I still have pictures on my computer that I intended to blog about weeks ago!  I think I may have some of them edited and yet, I haven't blogged about it.  This week has been the first week I've even felt like sitting at the computer long enough to blog.  I still have that DIY project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  All of my supplies are in the house and yet I have absolutely no desire/motivation to make anything.  What do I really want to do?  See number 5 below!

5.  I've started taking little naps on the couch when Meredith naps.  That would probably be the reason for numbers 2, 3 and 4.  Actually the pregnancy is the reason for the naps and lack of motivation.  I'm so ready to get into the second trimester where I will have energy and no nauseousness!  Only about 2 weeks to go!

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