Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I know it's only Tuesday, but we are doing so much better this week.  Yesterday we didn't watch any kid tv shows and did school for a couple of hours.  Today we did the same thing, so yay!  Not to mention swim lessons for Mackenzie went much better this morning.  She still cries at the very beginning and when she has to go under water, but she's doing a little better floating on her back.  She especially does well holding on to barbells and kicking to the opposite end of the pool.

The lack of kid TV shows is a punishment thing, but I was going to limit it this week anyway, so it worked out great that Brandon chose that punishment for Mackenzie.  I've been concentrating the last two days on one on one time with Mackenzie and actually focusing on what she says and having real conversations with her, not just saying, "uh-huh".  I don't know about you other moms, but I always seem to be busy doing household chores or doing nothing and don't always take the time to focus and actually play with my girls.  Add nausea and lack of energy and I've really been distant with my girls, it seems like.  These last two days have been much better.  We've actually played a different board game each day, not to mention the other playing, painting, and misc. activities.  Yay for me! ;)

This morning at 3 am, Mackenzie woke up from a bad dream, I left her room a few minutes later and figured if she didn't call me again within the next 20 minutes we were good until about 7am.  I was wrong.  About 3:50 or 20 minutes after I finally fell back asleep, she was calling for me again.  This time I brought her in to bed with me and Brandon.  By 4:30, Brandon had the ipad out and I was still determined we would all go back to sleep.  I was a little frustrated at 5:00 when the three of us were wide awake talking to each other, but I couldn't stay mad long once Mackenzie started telling a "story about a purple man".  I don't think I could try to repeat the story, but when a 4 year old is making up a story in the pre-dawn hours and her dad is being silly and making fun of her story while she tells you, all you can do is laugh!  We did finally all go back to sleep at 5:30 and thankfully because of the time change, Meredith didn't wake up until 7:40!

Surprisingly, I haven't been tired today or wanted a nap, so that's been good.  Other than the nausea that hit me about 4 this afternoon, it was a pretty good day.  I have a check up tomorrow afternoon, so that's exciting.  Looking forward to hearing the baby's heart beat again!  

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