Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A pleasant surprise

Brandon and I are big planners.  BIG.  I have spread sheets and list galore of our future whether it's one week, one month or one year away.  With that said, a lot of changes come with a "pleasant surprise" baby #3.  Well, at least a lot of changes for us!

1.) First of all, we thought we were finished, so we don't have any baby items other than a crib and high chair - both of which we still use!  I've sold most items on ebay or at the resale shop.  No bath tub, bottles, pacifiers, swaddling blankets, carseat, you name it, we probably sold it!  Other than a few keepsake clothes for each girl, we also don't have any clothes under 12 months.  We did manage to keep the exersaucer and walker but that's only because my recent trip to the consignment shop was a week after we found out I was pregnant.  I decided to keep those items and only took a few clothing items that Meredith didn't even wear this time around and I knew I wouldn't use on the next child. 

2.) Within 24 hours of accepting a helper position at our church preschool, I found out I was pregnant and realized that with a September due date, teaching would have to be put on hold.  So, only Mackenzie will be going to preschool this next fall, not Meredith.  Mackenzie's dance and extra activities will also be put on hold from September to at least January because I will not be taking the little baby out in public for a couple of months during flu season.  Since both girls were born at this same time of year, I know this is what I will do even though this is my third child.  Some timelines don't change despite the number of children.

3.) Another big change of plans is our Disney World trip.  I hadn't booked our trip yet, but I was in planning and pricing mode.  We'll post pone it one year since the new baby will only be 5 months old when we were planning to go.  A little disappointing, but we are still going - just in 2 years instead of one. ;)

4.) The biggest change is that the girls will be sharing a room.  When Meredith turned two, we had planned on her and Mackenzie switching rooms since Mackenzie's room has the twin bed with rails and a gate on the door.  The crib turns into a double bed, so everything was going to work out that the girls would just switch rooms and all would be great!  Everything is still going to be great, it's just going to be a little different.  Now we need to buy 2 twin beds and a dresser so that they can share Mackenzie's current room and we can leave the crib where it is.  As Mackenzie gets older and feels she wants her own room, then she can move to the guest room, but I want to keep the guest room a guest room as long as possible.  For now, the girls (mainly Mackenzie) are excited about sharing a room.

Anyways, there are other little changes like needing another stocking at Christmas (I finally bought 4 matching ones this year), needing a kitchen table that seats 5, and I'm sure a lot of other little things we'll think of as we go along this unexpected path.  None of the changes are bad or things we can't do or afford, it just wasn't what we "planned", but that's ok.  All is well and we will receive a great blessing in September!  I can't wait to see what else God has in store for us in the coming months and years!

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