Friday, March 29, 2013

19 months already!

It's the end of March which means Meredith is another month older!  Her vocabulary seems to be expanding everyday and I'm looking forward to the day when we can have full conversations with her and I can hear the girls communicate to each other.  She has finally become a bit of a cuddlebug.  Mackenzie loves to snuggle, but Meredith hasn't been a snuggler since she could crawl.  I'm so glad that she has come back to hugging and kissing and snuggling with us.

At 19 months, Meredith...
- LOVES her babies and any sort of baby doll
- takes one nap a day.  Sometimes she will forgo lunch to take a nap (typically after swim lessons).
- new words: wuvey (lovey), ninis (fingers), ip (ipad), hip (chip), bubbles, nack (snack), doggie, bup (up), hewo (hello), pay (play)
- has 12 teeth (6 top, 6 bottom).
- does not like to share and quickly holds tight to her toy if she sees another kid eyeing it.
- wears 24 month to 2T clothing and size 6 shoe.
- LOVES the "ip".  We might have created a media junkie with as much as Meredith likes to play on the ipad and ipod touch. ;)
- absolutely loves bath time now that we have started swim lessons.  She loves to lay on her belly and splash around.
- has started singing on her own.  Loves to sing most of our songs, but is not afraid to tell me no when she doesn't want to sing a particular song.
- has started hugging Mackenzie before bed.  It's the sweetest thing EVER! ;)
- loves shoes and dressing up just like her sister!

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