Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Activities

As usual, I had a TON of stuff planned for the week of Valentines.  There are sooooo many cute crafts on pinterest and I, of course, wanted to do them ALL! ;)  Also as usual, I did not do nearly half of what I wanted to do!  The week before Valentine's Day, Mackenzie and I had taken a break from school and usually the week after a week off is very slow going with little activity.  It's amazing how quickly we fall into a routine of zero productivity/learning! :(  Since the slow activity week included Valentine's day, we didn't follow through with too many activities.  In our two attempts with school during Valentine's week, we did a couple of Valentine's sheets/activities.

Counting cards and puzzles from Over the Big Moon...

We only did one coloring sheet from 1+1+1=1...

Mackenzie really enjoys doing these math sheets from 3 Dinosaurs' preschool packs.  This one is obviously the Valentines' pack, but they are included in most of the packs and she loves the fact that she know how to do math. ;)

As previously posted, I made a valentine's sensory bin for the girls to play with and they loved it.  On V-day we actually pulled it out again and both girls played with it.

Meredith even had a little "tot school" with the beans and valentines ice trays.

On another day I actually pulled out the old formula container for her to put the beans in.  She liked putting the beans in until she wanted them out!  Then the frustration scream began until I taught her how to shake it upside down.  That made her happy again!

While Meredith played with beans, Mackenzie painted with cookie cutters.

Up until Valentine's Day we only had 2 Valentine's books, but we did pull them out of our book rotation and read them several times. 

On Valentine's Day, I woke up and fixed cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts (an actual pinterest idea)...

Later in the day, we made valentine's hats...

I have no pictures of the remaining activities of our day, but they include making 55 hear shaped sugar cookies (some iced) for Mackenzie's dance class, making Bakerella's Chocolate cake and admiring our flowers (tulips and roses) and balloon from Brandon.  Mackenzie specifically requested a heart shaped balloon and Brandon did not disappoint! ;)

So, that was our Valentine's week.  The other crafts I planned will either have to wait until next year or who knows, maybe I'll just do a few heart shaped crafts every once in a while.

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