Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday (because I don't have a better blog title)

I seem to be in another bloggy funk.  I have several things to blog about...new night stands, new camera accessory, and there are always school posts.  But I just can't seem to get my act together to write the posts.

I never did blog about Christmas because I didn't take that many pictures this year.  I have my camera out all of the time here at the house, but when I go somewhere else I forget to pull the picture out.  Even Christmas morning at our house, I didn't take that many pictures!  Plus, we accidentally erased the Christmas videos we had, including Mackenzie's dance recital.  Oops!   A month and a half later, all I will say is that we had an awesome Christmas.

I have an organizational project that I want to work on in the next day or two.  I finally got all of my supplies, so here's hoping doing that will trigger more projects that I have planned.  The weekly organizational challenge hasn't gone well for me.  I pretty much stopped at 1 1/2 weeks.  I posted about the first week, reorganized an upper cabinet and then stopped. :/  I still need to work on the rest of the cabinets and design a utensil divider for Brandon to make. 

With Valentine's Day next week, I've kind of made a list of activities to do with the girls.  We have some cards to makes, crafts, sensory bins and moon dough to play with!  Brandon and I don't go out to eat at a nice restaurant for V-day.  It has become our tradition to get Arby's for dinner.  When I asked him the other night if we were still going to do that, Mackenzie was upset and said, "but I thought we were going to make a chocolate cake!?"  I told her that we would still make a chocolate cake, but we had to have dinner first! ;)  The cake she's talking about is one I made last year from Bakerella.  It was so delicious and I can't wait to make it again! ;)  (I just reread last year's post and it would appear that I ate the cake for dinner, so I guess we could do it Mackenzie's way!)

I just told Mackenzie to get ready so that we could go outside to play, but I just looked out the window and noticed the ground is still really wet.  I don't really feel like cleaning up wet soggy clothes after the girls play, so I think we'll just stay here instead.  Hopefully she'll be content with some sort of indoor activity or maybe a new Valentines sensory bin. ;)  Now, on with my day!

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