Friday, February 22, 2013

Preschool K3 - Unit 13

I woke up at 4 this morning, wide awake, so I got on the computer and actually edited photos so I could try to catch up again!  Here is the synopsis for Unit 13...

Bible - David and Goliath
Letter - D
Theme - Knights and Princesses
Sight Words: it, is, like, my

And now for the details...
Bible:  We talked about David and Goliath this week.  On the Sunday evening before our week of school, we happened to teach bible hour at our church and the lesson was also David and Goliath.  During bible hour each child got to throw a "stone" or glass bead on a print out of Goliath taped to the floor.  For our lesson at home, I changed it up just a little bit and had Mackenzie sling Angry Birds! ;)

She couldn't quite get the birds to hit Goliath on his forehead, so she got a little closer!
And then, she decided that he should be hit with the sling too! ;)

On another day, we acted out the story and took turns being Goliath.  We each stood on a chair in the playroom and wore "armor" otherwise known as super hero capes and fire fighter helmets!

The other person pretended to be David and threw marshmallows at Goliath.

Neither of us hit the other in the face, so when it was my turn I pretended to fall down and Mackenzie took my picture.  (It's so attractive, I know.) ;)

We did not act out 1 Samuel 17:51, where David cuts off Goliath's head, but we did eat all of our "stones".

Letter:  Our letter for the week was D.  As in D is for David and dolphin and dog.  While doing the D is for dolphin cut and paste (from 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's), Mackenzie wanted to draw waves for the dolphins before pasting the dolphins on the letter.
After tracing the shapes, she wanted to draw more waves in the water and discovered that pink and blue make purple.  I love when she discovers things all on her own, without any help from me!
When doing school, we sometimes have an audience, like pinky the cat here, watching Mackenzie trace and do dot markers.
For the lower case letter, she pasted dogs on the letter...

Theme:  I chose several sheets from 1+1+1=1's Princess Preschool Pack and Homeschool Creations' Knights Preschool Pack to work on this week.  David was not a knight, but since Goliath wore armor and King Saul tried to put armor on David, I thought a Princess and Knight theme might be good.  We colored shields to make a book...
As well as tracing, matching rhyming words, finding what's different and some patterning activities.
For the princess pack, we sorted princesses and not princesses and traced shapes...
She loved this color by number, although she did ask for help, which I gladly did.  I don't know what it is about coloring, but I've always loved it.  Crayons, markers, pencils, it doesn't matter, I just like to color! ;)
We also searched for words in our princess story.
And finally, we graphed the different princesses.  In the end, she wanted every princess to "win", so we rolled the dice until the entire graph was filled up.

Sight Words:  We started You Can Read unit 3 this week.  The sight words are "it", "is", "my" and "like".  We always start with connecting the dots and tracing lines to start recognizing the words.

She enjoys tracing the words also.

Which always leads to her writing them on her easel.
The puzzles and bingo games are also fun activities to learn the words.
Along with the You Can Read printables, I had her do some sight word paths from 3 Dinosaurs, as well as color by numbers from 1+1+1=1.

I also found an early learning book that my mother-in-law had given us last year.  I pulled it out for Mackenzie to read and she was thrilled that she could read an entire book (8 pages)! ;)

Miscellaneous:  We did a few miscellaneous activities this week, like shape matching (I can't find where I got these printables), clothespin letter matching and a page from our alphabet book.

That's Unit 13.  We aren't where I thought we'd be at this point in the year (curriculum wise), but we are making our way through it all and having fun while doing it!

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