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Preschool K3 - Unit 12

Time to catch up!  Unit 12 was back in early January, but here it is anyway. Below is the synopsis:

Bible: Battle of Jericho
Letter: J
Science: Butterflies (by special request)
Theme: Winter (continued from unit 11)
Sight Words: I, can, you, me (continued from unit 11)

And now for the juicy details! I know you all are super excited! ;)

Bible:  Battle of Jericho
I looked on pinterest and found a lot of great ideas for teaching the Battle of Jericho.  After reading the story, we did a different activity every day.  We used dominoes to create the wall and gathered princesses and little people for the Israelites.  We played harmonicas as our horns and then the walls fell down! ;) 
On another day we used marshmallows as the walls.

J was our letter of the week.  As in J is for Jericho and jelly fish!  Mackenzie continues to love the animal ABC packs from 1+1+1=1, so we did those again.  Here she is gluing jellyfish on her letter J.
Also included in these packs are tracing sheets for the animal name, shapes and numbers.  We usually do a couple of them each day.

Again, Pinterest to the rescue as I found a really cute jellyfish craft that I wanted us to try.  I had her paint a plastic bowl on Friday afternoon.  While she was painting it I had a slight thought about whether the paint would stay on or not, but let her do it anyway.  As it turns out, she did not take it very well when the paint started chipping off as she showed it to Brandon that night.  There was a big 4 year old melt down, but Brandon calmed her down by telling her he would take her to the store on Saturday morning to get paper bowls so that we could start again.  Such a sweet daddy.
Here she is painting her new bowl!
When it was dry on Sunday, I tied a bunch of ribbons around the edge and she had a cute little jelly fish! ;)
We also made handprint jelly fish.

We continued our winter theme from the previous week and did a couple of sheets from different packs of 3 Dinosaurs, 1+1+1=1 and I think 2 teaching mommies.

Mackenzie saw an activity on pinterest that she wanted to do, so we decided to talk about Butterflies this week.  I'll start with the requested activity...breaking out of a cacoon.  She loved this activity so much we had to show Granny and Papa when they came for a visit later in the week.

We used these same butterfly counting cards last year, but this time we used our glass gems as counters rather than clothespins.
She put together the caterpillar number puzzle (11-20) from 2 teaching mommies.
And finally we did yet another painting craft!
All of these crafts were on one day and it was the same day Meredith painted all over her hands too, so when we were finished I wiped the wet paint off of them and they both got baths at 4 o'clock in the afternoon! ;)

Sight Words: 
We finished up unit 2 of You Can Read from 1+1+1=1.

By far, my favorite activity in the You Can Read printables are the handwriting sheets.  They are really helping her to understand how to use the 3 handwriting lines.
Plus, when she's finished with the sheet above, she always wants to write the words on the easel.

 She likes the word searches and is pretty excited when she finds the word all by herself! ;)
I think her favorite moment was the sheet below.  She knew most of the words in the first two sentences and the two words he didn't know had pictures, so she was able to read the two sentences ALL BY HERSELF!!! Yay Mackenzie!!!  I may or may not have a been a very proud and happy momma at that time too! ;)
3 Dinosaurs had these awesome find the same sheets for the sight words we had done in the first two units.  Each row had the right letters of the word she was matching but had some of them rearranged.  Ex:  to match "the", the row would have "het....the....eth.....teh....the",  This was great for Mackenzie to concentrate on the actual spelling of the word and not just the general letters that are in the word.  If Cassie doesn't make them for all of the units, I will definitely make them for us or do something similar on the easel for us to use.

We did several miscellaneous activities to improve our writing, counting, gross motor skills and general knowledge.   Since the Israelites marched around Jericho 7 times on day 7, we traced the number 7!
She also traced several different letters on our butterfly cards from Confessions of a homeschooler.
She always enjoys the state puzzle and I LOVE that she always puts Texas in first! ;)
We used one of our state books to do general dot to dots and other activities for a couple of states.
She obviously knows her colors, but this color sorting activity was still fun for her.  Several of the cards we had to switch in the end, because it was hard to distinguish between red/pink and blue/purple.  Either way, it was good to work on her vocabulary of the items as well.
We also did a couple of activities with dominoes.  First, we put them in order (0/0, 0/1, 0/2...). 
Then we actually played a simple game of domino.
In our money book, we are talking about nickles.  The last page was a little difficult for her since she had to count by fives.  To help her, I counted in fives and she counted every time my hand flashed 5.  Once I reached the amount of "money she needed" for the problem, she would color that number of nickles.  I'm not concerned with whether she remembers how to count by 5's but I would like her to remember that the nickle is worth more than the penny (the only other coin we've talked about in detail).
And lastly, (but not the last the we did) we broke out the exercise mats for the girls to do.  Meredith tried a couple of them, but she would rather pick them up and move them, than do any of the exercises! ;)

So, that's unit 12!  A lot of pinterest and a lot of crafts with PAINT! ;)  I think unit 13 is the exact opposite! ;)

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